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Go For Green Cleaning At the Office and Save Yourself

People today, and the generations to come, have to live with the sad and threatening reality of Global Warming over their heads.  Global warming is the result of glaciers melting, sea levels rising and rain forests and wildlife dying, and we, human beings, are to blame.  Yes, read it again:  It is our fault, we have been reckless!

It’s been ages of releasing harmful gases and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere while performing our daily life activities what has taken the planet to the sad point where it is today, worse then ever before in history.

The problem with global warming resides on the changes it causes on the Earth’s climate patterns.  As the globe spins, new heat goes along, collecting moisture from all over the oceans, rising somewhere and settling somewhere else.  Global warming is changing the weather configuration that is vital for living organisms of all kinds, and only we, as its cause, can work on the solution.

An important change we should make is in the way we clean big and small spaces.  The average person uses around 40 pounds of toxic cleaning products per year!  These products contain neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants and heavy metals, among other substances, that can produce cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive abnormalities, allergies, behavior problems, and many other serious illnesses.  Toxic products reach the environment when flushed down the toilet, when poured down sinks, when sprayed in the air, when thrown in the garbage and when dumped on the ground.  When we think about this, one can’t but wonder: What on earth are we thinking???

So, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional commercial cleaning service, change the cleaning products you use to natural ones, green products.  By selecting products that are made out of natural substances and that are environment-friendly, you are saving people, animals and the planet.  The best office cleaning companies are the ones that use natural products to perform their service, showing care and respect for their industry, profession, clients, and the world.  One thing is clear and crucial for survival at this critical point, everyone must start taking responsibility and doing his or her share.

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