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Maintenance One realizes that janitorial cleaning services for health, safety and aesthetic appearance are vital to employee productivity and the success of your business. However, these office cleaning services must be handled in a responsible, sustainable manner that protects our planet and its resources.

While many commercial cleaning and maintenance service companies claim to be green, Maintenance One walks the walk with eco-friendly green cleaning products and methods that help eliminate mold, bacteria and other environmental pollutants. We make the extra effort to deeply extract, rinse and dry carpets, and to sanitize touch spots—all to make the ultimate positive impact on your workplace’s health and on our environment.

At the core of Maintenance One’s mission is educating our customers on responsible and healthy cleaning that focuses on wellness as well as the survival of our planet. We understand that thorough, conscious professional cleaning services impact employee productivity and business success.

Instead of traditional petroleum-based products that release toxic substances, green cleaning products utilized by Maintenance One crews are manufactured with renewable resources packaged in concentrated form.

Yet, green cleaning goes beyond chemical management to minimizing waste and preserving energy.

Energy Efficient Practices

  • Utilize CAD-driven floor plans and cleaning routes that provide a systemic cleaning process
  • Follow team cleaning methods that cover significantly more surface area in a shorter period of time, thus conserving energy required for lighting and air conditioning

Minimize Particles in the Air

  • Tap into air filtration systems & HEPA filtration vacuums
  • Spray cleaning products onto rags rather than using aerosols
  • Rely on reusable micro-fiber clothes, dusters and dust mops that reduce airborne pollutants
  • Place mats at building entrances to reduce dirt and other pollutants before they enter the building
  • Empty vacuums before they’re full to ensure efficient collection of dirt particles


  • Reduce irritants living in carpet fibers with recyclable water deep cleaning carpet machines
  • Clean high germ potential spots like restrooms, door fixtures and break room/cafeterias with chemical free sanitation equipment
  • Maintain floors with minimal water using floor scrubbers

All Maintenance One customers enjoy 24/7 access to our client services department, with online capabilities to view work orders, request services and obtain progress reports in real time.

Maintenance One understands that each company is unique. That’s why we offer customized office cleaning services to fit your business needs. Please contact us today with questions or to request a free estimate to experience the Maintenance One “Green Clean” difference.

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Maintenance One isn’t afraid to stand behind our work. In fact, we’re so confident that we’re the last cleaning service you’ll need that we offer a bold 100% satisfaction guarantee that’s unmatched in our industry.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your first cleaning, we’ll pay for a cleaning with the next service your hire. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our performance, you’ll receive that day free of charge. Terms of guarantee are available upon request.