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Are You Sure Your Restaurant or Café is Clean?

It is easy to wash your cutlery and china in a dishwasher, but in order to truly clean your whole dining area and cooking gear, you will have to exert yourself.

Considering this, just imagine the level of effort that cleaning a restaurant demands.  A place where dozens or even hundreds of people come and go daily, where food is continuously falling to the floor and on the tables, where the bathrooms are visited by all sorts of individuals with different habits, where the kitchen is full of people talking and manipulating food, and amid all this activity, the place has to be spotless clean all the time, to ensure the health and satisfaction of your personnel and clients.

A commercial cleaning service can help you clean your restaurant efficiently to offer a hygienic environment for your staff and clients and to extend the life of the furniture and equipment.

A restaurant cleaning professional will provide a wide array of services like:

-Pressure washing of floors and building exterior

-Washing of kitchen hoods

-Exhaust fan, duct, and filter cleaning

-Table cleaning

-Grease trap emptying

-Floor mopping and waxing

-Waiting area vacuuming

-Bathroom sanitizing

-Sink, mirror, toilet, and urinal disinfecting and polishing

-Internal and external window washing

-Window, mini-blind, air conditioner vent, and wall hanging dusting

-Floor and kitchen mat washing

-Refilling consumables, including paper products and soap

-Removing wayward food and filth from dumpster areas

Pressure washing is one of the most crucial services offered by restaurant cleaning services.  Pressure washing helps remove loose dirt and filth to clean the space from top to bottom.

Restaurant cleaning services will also take care of the exhaust fans, which in case of restaurants can become a fire hazard if these are not properly tended to.  When the system is clean, it can remove odors and excess heat from the kitchen efficiently, it helps maintain the kitchen staff comfortable, and lets them focus on the food and its preparation.  Professional cleaners can take your exhaust system to the level of strict NFPA and FDA guidelines.

Restaurant cleaning services will also help you be ready for mandatory state fire and insurance inspections.  After the space is thoroughly cleaned, the commercial cleaning service will give you a certificate or hood sticker specifying when the cleaning was done and what services were delivered.

To ensure your clients are confident about the cleanliness of the bathrooms, the cleaning service will give you a chart that details the restaurant’s daily cleaning schedule.