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Invoicing Maintenance One, Inc.

Thank-you in advance for your cooperation!  Re-work and unneeded email back-and-forth is a serious productivity drain for you and us.  Getting it right the first time makes a huge difference in productivity, and is a substantial investment into our “relationship bank account”.



  • Invoices to be submitted to [email protected] 
  • Provide payment information (Wire Info, ACH Info, Paypal email address, link to pay via Credit Card).
Payment Policy
  • Invoices must be submitted by the 1st of each month.  Miss this deadline, and you may have to wait until the following month’s cycle to get paid.
  • You’ll be paid on either the 10th or 25th of the month, or the first business day after if these dates are on a weekend, provided you’ve submitted your invoice by the 1st.
  • Payments from us  will *only* be made by: credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, BOA Bill Pay or ACH (at our discretion).  No cash.
  • Fees you incur while processing payment from us (e.g. Credit Card Fees, Wire Fees, PayPal Fees) is your cost of doing business.
  • Unless stated otherwise, we won’t pay you for time you spend learning. We are paying you to be an expert in your domain. If – for example – you are a graphic designer and you don’t know how to use a tool in Photoshop, it’s up to you to learn on your own time, not billable hours.
  • Your Invoice must be a PDF, ideally with the following filename structure:
    • Your Name – Invoice Number – Services Provided (Graphic Services, VA Services, etc) – Today’s Date
    • Example: Jane Smith – Invoice 001 – Maintenance One, Inc. – Aug 6 2015
  • Your invoice must also include all the following elements or else it will be considered incomplete, un-payable, and sent back to you for completion:
    • Info about you:
      • Your name and business name
      • Your physical address
      • Best email to reach you
      • Best phone to reach you
    • Info about us:
      • Maintenance One, Inc. 
      • PO Box 8984,New Haven, CT, 06532, USA
      • 1-888-987-3663
    • Date of invoice
    • Number of invoice
    • Description of services rendered
    • Fees you’re charging, including – if applicable – hours worked and pay rate
    • What currency you’re charging in – USD, CAD, or other
    • Amount of sales tax you’re charging us
    • Grand Total of how much you’d like us to pay, explicitly in USD, or USD-adjusted

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