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Cleaner Workplaces, Healthier Workers

How many hours a day do you spend in your office? Is the place clean and well-maintained all the time? Do your colleagues smoke in the office and, as a consequence, you must breathe this polluted air? Most people complain about the fact that their offices are not clean enough or that they can be cleaner, but, at the same time, they understand that building managers or owners cannot clean the entire building every day. Why is it so important to keep the workplace as clean as possible?

For one thing, a clean environment makes a better impression on potential clients and workers. Imagine that you, as the president of a very important company, invite a well-known executive to your office in order to close the deal that will change the way your company does business. When you arrive at the office with this VIP person, you realize that the office is not tidy enough; there are piles of documents on every desk, the floors are not polished, the windows are dirty, the few plants that exist are almost dead…to put it simply, the whole office is a mess. You look at the face of the executive of the other company and you can understand clearly what he is thinking: “Katrina must have been here”. Remember that people tend to judge others and mainly companies by their appearance. You have probably figured out what this executive’s first impression is.

Moreover, it has been proved that employers are more likely to become ill, and therefore, be absent from work, which definitely decreases production, when they work in a poorly maintained environment. This situation is even worse if the worker suffers from Asthma. Asthma patients are much more affected by contaminants such as dust or smoke. Besides, it is said that people do not feel encouraged to work at the top of their capacity if they are in an untidy or unclean workstation.

So the one million dollar question is: how can a company improve the condition of the work environment so as to provide both its clients and workers with a proper place to do business and to work? Fortunately, there are companies that have carried out studies on optimal sanitary conditions of workplaces in order to develop the best and most efficient cleaning services, which focus not only on the workstations, where the worker spends most of his time, but also on the entire building. Therefore, they provide services such as: window cleaning, floor cleaning, restroom sanitation, waste removal and recycling, among many others. Their main purpose is to provide services that create healthier and more attractive workplaces.

To conclude, if you want to avoid absenteeism and making a bad impression on your potential and current clients, contact a commercial cleaning company and hire its services. In a few days, your office will be shining like a diamond and your workers will be pleased to work in such a well-maintained environment; now they’ll probably feel safer and more comfortable.

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