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Cleaning the Office – An Individual Commitment

Definitely, every office needs a commercial cleaning service, but we’d like to talk about a most important fact: individual commitment. Every employee, every worker, must be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to keeping a healthy work environment, free of dirt and potential diseases. After all, most people spend a lot of daily hours in the office, and it’s been proven that a clean workplace is favorable for production.

As in mostly every aspect of our lives, when we talk about cleaning, we should keep the old adage in mind: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why we encourage you to include a cleaning habit in your daily routine. To show you that it’s not hard to achieve, let’s go through some specific tips that’ll help you know where to start.


To clean and disinfect computer keyboards, we recommend a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Make sure you don’t soak the cotton swab, since this could damage the artifact.
Computer keyboards are among the dirtiest items in the office. Turn them over, and softly shake them to free them from food remains and dust. Then, use compressed air to blow the keyboard out. Finally, clean the entire keyboard wiping its surface with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. This process will clean and disinfect the keyboard, and help to halt the spread of germs. Before you clean your computer screen, turn it off. Then, wipe it gently with a soft microfiber cloth. Dust the printers and computer cases, fax machines and telephones with microfiber cloths.


Meticulously clean desk and shelves monthly or weekly, depending on how much dust settles on your furniture. To avoid insects nesting among your papers, remove everything once a month and clean the surfaces, wiping with an all-purpose cleaner. Before you put books or files back in their proper places, dust them. This monthly routine will save you cleaning time weekly. If your office chair is made of leather or vinyl, use leather wipes to wipe it down.

Disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant wipes are handy and they come packaged in a way that you can grab them whenever you need them. You can place them in your desk, so, for exmaple, if you drop some food on your keyboard you can immediately clean it in less than 20 seconds, or quickly clean up coffee spills, or even frequently clean the mouthpiece of the phone, which is a haven for germs. Remember that dirt tends to attach to surfaces as time goes by, so it’s always better to clean it at the moment.

Some extra helpful hints

Keep a few trash can liners near your office trash can so you can quickly empty the bags and replace them. Having one of those dusting tools or mini vacuum cleaner can be very useful. Also, consider plugging in an air freshener to have a clean and fresh scent that lasts for several weeks.

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