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Commercial Cleaning Catching Connecticut Customer’s Eye

First impressions really are as important as they say. You tell a lot about someone from that initial first glance and the same can be said about a business. Walking into a office that’s cluttered, dirty or just all around untidy doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, much less make you want to fork over your hard earned cash. Having clean floors and a neat desk not only increases a businesses professional image, but also makes them much more appealing to potential customers.


Wait… this office comes with a desk?! Photo Taken by American Red Cross

Commercial carpet cleaning services have been around for quite some time. From restaurants to the commercial office, cleaning service such as floor care are very important. Not only does it give your business a clean and professional look, these commercial floor cleaning services tend to run after business hours, ensuring minimal disruption and distraction during the day. Having a routine commercial carpet cleaning service visits can also extend the life of your carpeting keeping your office looking as clean and new as the day you opened.


Aim for this…Not this. Photos taken by: Erik Mallinson

Most janitorial service companies don’t just specialize in floor care. In fact, many commercial janitorial companies who offer commercial office cleaning services will also clean windows, dusting and can even take care of employee bathrooms. Depending on the services you need, hiring or contracting a janitorial service company is a very cost effective way to keep your business clean and running smoothly. An added benefit to regular cleaning is the reduced risk of employees becoming sick. With less sick days, your business runs smoothly.

Office Cleaning Matters Infographic

When trying to chose which janitorial cleaning company is right for your business, consider your needs. You might already have a basic housekeeping policy in effect for your employees which might limit the needs of the janitorial services company.


Ahh, fresh cubicle. Photo taken by: Pengrin

Maybe it’s monthly carpet cleaning, or a bi-monthly deep cleaning just to get the hard to reach areas. Perhaps you manage several offices, cleaning services might even be discounted if you’re working with the same janitorial company.

Some businesses might opt to train their own in-house janitors or custodians. Here’s a helpful video for office cleaning techniques.

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, Connecticut has a lot to choose from. Walk into any office building and you can witness, first hand, the difference made by office cleaning services. New Haven, Hartford, and even Danbury all benefit from having regularly scheduled commercial cleaning services. CT isn’t the only state to employ office cleaning services. CT might even house some well known janitorial companies known the country over.