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How to Clean and Care for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are popular because they are hard to damage and easy to clean and care for.  Here we show you how to care for them in the right way:

1.First, carefully and thoroughly read the warranty and care instructions provided by the floor’s manufacturer.  Follow these instructions, or ask your office cleaning service to follow them, as accurately as possible, and consult them if there is a problem.

2.Ask the manufacturer for post-installation cleaning instructions, because you may not be able to mop the floor for the first 48 hours after it has been installed, or there may be special care instructions depending on the brand of the floor.

3.Laminate floors should not be wiped with a wet mop because water may leak behind the baseboards and under the floor creating puddles and damaging them.  To clean them, use a vacuum and a damp mop.

4.You should never apply wax or acrylic floor finishes to laminate floors.

5.If there is a stain, use only the stain removal products recommended by the manufacturer.  You will discover that many articles or publications suggest the use of acetone for cigarette burns and nail polish spills, and mineral spirits for grease and tar.

6.Get doormats for the garage and outdoors doorways.  These will catch grit that may slowly scratch the floor’s surface.

7.Put easy-glide protective buttons on the feet of furniture to avoid scratching the floor.

8.When moving a big piece of furniture or a heavy appliance across a laminate floor, use dollies, otherwise, you may scratch it with minute stones that are trapped under the furniture’s feet or under the wheels.

A lot of the precautions you must take to protect your laminate floor when working with sharp or heavy objects are based on common sense.  For example, if you are going to install a ceiling fan or are going to use a drill, place a thick cloth or piece of carpet under the area to protect the floor, because you can damage it if you drop something by accident.

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