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How To Compare Office Cleaning And Janitorial Companies 

Comparing Office cleaning companies

How To Compare Office Cleaning And Janitorial Companies 


Regardless of your location, office cleaning and janitorial service companies are rarely the same. And when you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company, spotting the differences is probably not easy for you. Whatever your specific needs are at the moment, understanding those salient differences is the essence of a comparative post like this one. Whether you are aware of the fact or not, an untidy workplace is bad for employee productivity. 

Besides, if you don’t have dedicated cleaning personnel, you and your employees may be forced to take hours away from other productive activities. Moreover, the cleanliness of your office will always leave an impression on potential clients and customers. In this post, we’ll look into the major factors to consider when looking for the best commercial cleaning companies within your location. 


How To Compare Commercial Cleaning Services In Your Location 

Clarify The Type of Cleaning Company You Want


Even though some companies may be providing general cleaning and janitorial services, it is possible to find specialists in some aspects. For example, while some companies are known for commercial cleaning, others might be residential cleaning specialists. Moreover, some other companies are likely to be specialized in window cleaning or commercial swimming pool cleaning services. The main thing is to clarify your needs first. Then, you can begin your research to review and compare the cleaning companies within your reach. There is no point engaging or wasting your time with a company that doesn’t have either the equipment, expertise, or experience to deliver the type of cleaning services you want. 

Compare Their Track Record


Besides specialization, every reputable office cleaning company is supposed to have some track record. You can think about this in terms of commercial vs residential, whole-house vs simple carpet cleaning, or industrial vs post-construction cleaning services. Understanding these factors will help you determine if the company bidding for the work has a track record of delivering the exact type of office cleaning services you want. When you have your specific needs clarified, it becomes easier to identify and compare the companies that can deliver what you want based on their track record. 

Consider Location Differences 


How regularly will you need the cleaning services? 

Assuming you haven’t thought about this, it’s one of the things that these companies will take into account when trying to give you office cleaning quotes. Closely related to this fact is that the cleaning companies will also consider location proximity when quoting for these services. The interesting fact is that companies at a far distance will likely factor in the cost of moving their equipment to the job location. However, it is not a way of saying that closer companies will always charge you a lower amount for the job. Another thing about the location is this. Try to see the types of jobs these companies have completed around where your office is located. 

Cleaning Team Certification And Safety Measures 


Especially when it comes to the safety of your office building and properties, you have to consider how the cleaning team is certified to handle things. Most times, it is very easy to hire anyone with a van in the name of a cleaning company. However, the safety of your office equipment and the entire building are not things you should leave to chance. The point here is that you need to compare and verify the certifications of these companies and their cleaning team. 

At the same time, it will be helpful to contact some of the companies, have interaction with the team members to determine their approach to safety measures. 

During these interactions, you should be able to spot some differences. And that will be the basis for comparing the best companies you may hire to do the work. 

Check For References 


When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company, most people will tell you why you need to hire them for the job. For example, you may find some generic testimonials on the cleaning company website. But hey, you don’t have to rely on these written testimonials. Your best bet is to ask for references. Doing this will help you determine if there is a match between the written testimonials and what you’ll find in their track record. When asking for references, try to observe how each company responds to your request. Consider the nature of references given as well. From there, you can begin to compare what’s trustworthy and what’s not. 

Request Office Cleaning And Janitorial Service Quotes


By going through these other factors mentioned above, you’ll be in a better position to request office cleaning quotes. If you ignore these steps and specific factors, some people can lure you into hiring a company that won’t deliver what you want. When requesting quotes, try to understand what is included in the service plan. At this stage, you’ll begin to compare differences based on specific factors like the ones below. 


Scope of work – at this stage, make sure you are using the same scope of work to request cleaning quotes from different companies. That will help to compare the differences between the companies interested in doing the work for your company. 

Cleaning Supplies – what are the specific supplies included in each quote? For safety purposes, it is also important to understand the types of chemicals a company will use for the work. 

Communication and responsiveness – especially if you want to engage an office cleaning or janitorial service company for a long-term contract, communication style and responsiveness deserve serious consideration. 

For a better working relationship, you’ll be better off with a company that has a streamlined communication protocol and high-level responsiveness. 




As noted earlier, all commercial cleaning companies are rarely equal or the same. Following this brief guide will put you in a better position to request a quote before hiring any company. If you ignore these factors, the safety of your workplace might be at risk, especially at the point of working with any company. Follow these pointers, and you will be able to compare some of the best office cleaning companies within your location. Finally, don’t just rely on written testimonials. Go further to ask for and verify some references before any engagement.