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How to Efficiently Clean a Medical Facility in 5 Steps

If there is a space that must be kept spotless clean 24/7, it is a medical or dental office.  Its cleanliness is vital to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients and the personnel.

Many medical practices decide to hire professional commercial cleaning services to take care of their daily cleaning needs; nevertheless, there are strict guidelines that must be followed by the medical staff in between patients and at the end of the day to ensure no one is at risk of injury or illness.

Among these guidelines we can name the appropriate cleaning and sanitation methods demanded for dental and medical offices established by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), as well as any personal preferences that may exist in regards to office cleaning.

In order to ensure a medical facility is completely safe and comfortable for the patients and medical staff, follow these 5 cleaning steps:

1.Replace used linens, towels, and patient gowns immediately after each patient is dismissed.  Put the dirty ones in laundry bags or the laundry area.  Empty the trashcans, and wipe all of them with a disinfectant cleaner.  Change the bags in every trashcan.

2.Gather all the used instruments and put them in an established location for sterilization or processing.  Make sure every instrument and tool for patient care is taken away from patient rooms and care areas before the next patient arrives.

3.Wipe all the surfaces with an accepted disinfectant cleaner.  This includes countertops, chairs, desk areas, patient tables, door handles and knobs, and any other surface that may have been touched, held, or could have come in contact with body fluids.

4.Clean all the equipment for patient care.  This is, dental and medical tools, procedure equipment, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, and any other portable equipment; these should be wiped with a disinfectant as they are used during the day.

5.Tidy up the office waiting area.  Make sure the trashcan is taken away, organize and disinfect magazines and other reading materials, and clean the chairs, table surfaces, and desk areas with an accepted disinfectant cleaner.  Get rid of any garbage on the floor and vacuum or sweep the floors as much as needed.

Remember to always wear gloves and other personal protection equipment, like a gown, cap or mask, as you could come in contact with blood or other body fluids during cleaning.

Last, but not least, disinfect any toys that remain in the medical facility regularly with an accepted disinfectant, and let them air dry completely.

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