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How to Get Leads For Your Janitorial Company

If you have your own cleaning company but may be experiencing difficulty generating leads for your janitorial services, then there are various things your company can do to jumpstart your business.  While some of these tips may be obvious, others may not be, and they might be exactly what you need to get your business running full steam in no time.  Even if your company doesn’t decide to use all of the following tips listed below, knowing all the different ways to generate business will only give you a clearer and stronger vision moving forward.

1.Referrals- Getting good referrals is one of the best ways your company can bring on new and reliable clients.  Because businesses are always looking for reliable cleaning services, they often look into getting reliable referrals from other companies in their area.  As long as you do a good job and leave strong impressions wherever you work, you’re bound to get a lot of referrals in the process.

2.Internet Marketing- Internet marketing can be a great way to bring new outside business to your company.  Once you have created your own website or blog, you can start working on boosting your web presence through Internet marketing.  Internet marketing is a system of creating web articles that you can post on your site or your blog, to increase web traffic to your business.  You can either do this by typing articles yourself, or paying a professional Internet marketing company that will provide you with the best articles possible, as well as other tactics to boost your web presence.

3.Telemarketing- While telemarketing may not be the most attractive option, many janitorial companies find great success generating leads from telemarketing.  If you want to you can outsource this marketing aspect to a professional company, or just do it in-house.  While it may seem difficult at first, telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business.

4.Flyers and Business Cards – Creating flyers and business cards is still one of the very best ways to generate new leads for your business.  Putting flyers in janitorial supply stores and other places business owners may visit is a great way to get your name out there as a reputable company.  The same goes with circulating hundreds of business cards with your company logo and contact information.  While this may seem old fashioned, many business owners still use business cards as a primary way of contacting other businesses, and the more business cards you pass out, the more likely you are to get some possible profitable leads.

5.Put an Ad in the Yellow pages – Even though the internet has almost completely made traditional phone books obsolete, they are still excellent ways to get your business information out there.  While the yellow pages aren’t as popular as they once were, there are still many people that go through them looking for business services, especially business owners.  Having your ad in the yellow pages shows that your business is reputable, and it helps to give your company more credibility.

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