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Keeping Clean and Informative: Reassuring the 2021 Traveler

In our last blog post, Sanitizing on the Go: Advice for the 2021 Traveler, we highlighted the many different ways employers can help their traveling employees. From sending them out with personal bags of sanitizing supplies to calling ahead and confirming the cleaning routines of travel checkpoints, there are lots of ways to balance the needs of travel with the needs of safe, clean living.

This month, we wanted to highlight the other side of the coin: travel spots. As an employer, it’s in your best interest from a monetary and safety standpoint to show that you have what it takes to keep your facility appropriately sanitized. 

More than that though, it’s important to have that information readily available for anyone who’s curious—as a lot of people now need to know how you handle things.

Guests Have Questions? Answer Them!

Facilities have to balance their transparency with coherency. It doesn’t matter if you have an entire layout of a cleaning routine if no one can read it or get the information they need. So it’s best to have the basics covered.

No matter your facility, you’re probably running into these types of questions:

  • What is your daily cleaning routine like?
  • Will this cleaning routine affect my stay?
  • Do you provide disposable masks to guests?
  • How high is your current guest capacity?

Depending on your business, you might find more esoteric questions regarding your ventilation, average foot-traffic, or on-site food offerings. When it comes to being clear with your curious guests, the secret is to be prepared so you don’t leave them hanging or overload them with jargon. 

Anticipate the basic questions and guess at the ones unique to your business. One great way to do this is by drafting your cleaning plan.

Need Answers for a Cleaning Plan? Make One First!

The CDC advises that all hotels, resorts, and lodges follow some basic guidelines for hosting guests during the pandemic. But anyone can make use of most of the information here.

Creating a COVID-19 workplace health and safety plan not only establishes a documented procedure, but it also makes it easier for your employees to know the plan as well. And when your employees know the plan, they can readily dispense that information to any of your guests.

Creating a health and safety plan involves a lot of checkpoints, including:

  • Following state and local regulations
  • Identifying areas that may lead to close contact between employees and guests
  • Establishing enhanced cleaning and disinfection of common areas, bathrooms, and shared equipment
  • Determining the best spots for hand sanitizer stations
  • Evaluating ventilation in the closed-air locations within your facility

Once you have the plan ready, share it to everyone in your employ. From managers all the way down to your entry-level employees. It may be wise to even invest in some easy-to-read infographics that guests can see on the way in.

Though every facility has unique needs, the solutions often boil down to a few professional solutions. When in doubt, make sure you have an expert to consult.

Not sure how to approach this? Get a consultation!

Having ample information ready for your employees and guests encourages engagement and shows that you’re doing your part to deter contamination and infection in your workplace. But do you know which information is most important for each of your different audiences?

At Maintenance One, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to proper sanitization in the workplace. We know the ins and outs of it all from surface cleaning like floors, guard rails, and even elevator buttons all the way to facility-wide ventilation measures like UV-light germicidal measures.

Your business does better when your facility is properly sanitized, your employees are kept safe, and your guests are kept informed. If you contact us for a consultation, we can help identify the big questions you need answered about each topic.If you’re wanting to have experts tackle the cleaning routine for you while offering comprehensive details and explanations about them (so you can provide them to employees and travelers), you can request a quote.  We will reorient your current routine to match your floor plan, traffic, and cleaning needs to help you provide a safe and sanitized environment for your employees, customers, and guests.