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Perpetual Care with Clean Air

The US has dealt with the novel coronavirus pandemic throughout the entire spring and most of the summer, and all signs point to it taking us through fall as well.

Fall means colder temperatures, flu season, and school starting again. Let’s look at how these three factors will affect building owners and organizations in the light of the ongoing pandemic:

The Problems Ahead

First, while the CDC continues to discourage large groups, many places allow for open-air dining or gatherings as a compromise. As temperatures drop, establishments will need to reconsider how to readjust as people seek to come inside for warmth and shelter.

Second, as the usual flu season settles in, our already strained healthcare system will need to strengthen its capability to provide a safe and clean environment for workers, patients, and their loved ones.

Third, states nationwide have had to make big decisions on how school openings proceed. Regardless of the state, administrators will have to consider the best means of protecting students so that they can continue learning—all while making sure teachers can educate a revolving pool of students in safety.

The challenge is risk mitigation for as many people as possible. Air filtration is a key tool that organizations and landlords must use to ensure safety in the months to come.

The Solutions Today

Like the face masks everyone wears, mechanical filters help to both reduce the amount and contain the spread of contaminated particles in a building’s air flow. And just like face masks, changing, sanitization, and cleaning of those filter systems is key.

The CDC has a number of recommendations on increasing clean air quality through filtration:

  • Increase the percentage of outdoor air with open windows
  • Disable demand-control ventilation to maintain maximum air supply
  • Improve central air filtration through both increases and inspections
  • Consider using portable HEPA filtration systems
  • Ensure that any exhaust fans in restroom facilities function and operate at full capacity

Back in June, we discussed how important it was to have a plan for reopening. As the pandemic nearly reaches its third quarter, things are no different. Buildings with air filtration systems of all sorts will need maintenance, upkeep, and repairs to continue providing safe areas for people.

The Experts You Need

There are a number of factors to consider like airflow, pressure drops, and how location affects the overall effectiveness of your system. Deciding how to position portable filters can have a substantial effect on whether your filtration and airflow is helping or hindering your clean air environment. This is information that you may have to learn for yourself.

Or you can call an expert.

At Maintenance One, we understand the need to keep ahead of this so that businesses can remain functioning, hospitals don’t get overburdened, and school stays in session. Our expertise in sanitization extends to more than just the chemical aspects of routine cleaning. After all, it’s our job to know how best to keep buildings clean. We’re here to assist you in whatever capacity you need.

If you’d like the peace of mind that comes with having experts who already know the ins and outs of sanitary air filtration during the pandemic, contact us today to request a quote.