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Preparing Your Business for the Next COVID-19 Spike

As the fall months continue, temperatures drop, and businesses strive to establish regular operations with new cleaning regimens, we’re seeing what experts predicted back in the summer: case spikes in the fall. It’s only early November and news reports have already reported days with new cases reaching as high as 70,000—the highest numbers since July.

This impacts you and your employees from a few different angles: 

  • Health – You need to be on your guard for increased transmission risks and protect your staff and customers against exposure with clear cleaning routines. 
  • Finances – It’s reasonable to expect traffic to be lower and you’ll need to work around that.
  • Comfort – Your customers and employees will concern themselves with whether or not you’re taking these spikes seriously.

The good news is that tackling the health problem the right way takes care of the other two. So what’s the right way to prepare for the next potential spike?

Maintain your inventory and work schedules

One of the biggest lessons the pandemic’s first months taught us is that running short on sanitization and cleaning supplies is bad news. Not only does it keep you from providing a clean facility for your employees or customers, but you’re also in competition with everyone else looking for more inventory.

A good way to keep ahead of this issue is by assigning someone on your team to keep a close eye on your inventory. Keeping Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer readily available will help others reduce transmission risk, but you don’t want to run into a situation where these supplies need refilling and you don’t have the inventory to do so.

Consider a day porter cleaning crew

A day porter crew keeps things tidy, but with the right equipment they can also serve as a cleaning buffer between meetings or shifts. This also serves as a great alternative to assigning someone to keep an eye on your sanitization supply, since they’ll be working with your inventory regularly and can provide frequent updates on your stock.

This sanitization service doesn’t shut things down for a deep clean, but instead prioritizes high-point surfaces and high-traffic areas wherever they’re working. With the right management and delegation, these teams can help your facility in whatever way you need.

Work for the normal day, prepare for the lockdown

It’s important to balance the need for normalcy and safety during these spikes. This balance allows you to keep your facility safe enough that your operations can go forward without much interruption. But if the fall spikes hit hard, your local or state government may decide a lockdown is in order.

No business owner wants a lockdown, but preparing for one allows you to mitigate any damage. In the interim you can also ensure your facility gets the off-hours deep cleaning it needs so you’ll be prepared and in more control when you approach the inevitable reopening.

Get a team that takes care of your facility

During a period of limited hours or lockdown, you can ensure safer sanitization by hiring a team of experts that knows how to take care of you and your situation. At Maintenance One, we’re always happy to help you as both a cleaning and consultation service to guide you through this difficult time. We’ll assist you in drafting the best routines for you, your employees, and your facility, while also keeping it safely sanitized. That way you can weather these fall spikes without risking the safety of your workers or customers or your finances.

Focus on your work, and we’ll focus on keeping your business clean and your pandemic plan clear. Contact us here for a quote today.