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Protective Cleaning: Physical Spaces and Assets

It’s that time again: Spring Cleaning! With the winter months behind us, everyone’s looking for fresh ways to keep their office space looking and feeling clean. Not only does cleaning assist in removing dirt and grime from your workspace, it can also help you with a couple other tasks:

  • Prolonging the lifetime of your physical assets
  • Protecting your employees from accidents and illness
  • Supporting and boosting your social reputation

That’s exactly the topic we’ll be discussing over the next few blogs: how cleaning can help you protect your workspace, your employees, and your business. Today we’re talking about how cleaning protects and prolongs your physical assets—whether we’re talking about your carpets or computers!

How Regular Everyday Cleaning Helps

It might seem strange to look at a cleaning chore like vacuuming or wiping down your desk as a task that preserves your equipment, but these small acts can go a long way to helping your workspace equipment last longer! 

Carpets are a great example because we’ve all seen how dirty and ratty a carpet can get if not taken care of. If you allow dirt or water to build up and remain in your carpets, it can lead to the development of mold. Without proper cleaning, that mold can eat away at the carpet’s fibers and even the backing and adhesive that keeps it down.

If you’ve ever had to replace carpet, you know what a time-consuming process it is and how expensive it can get. So make sure your carpet sees regular cleaning, and the occasional deep clean can extend the life of your carpet (and the amount of time before you have to replace it!) even further—potentially by years.

And this principle of small cleaning actions with big long-term consequences impacts more than just carpet. 

How Dedicated Cleaning Prolongs Equipment

No matter what your organization or business specializes in, your facility probably has computers on-site. Some businesses may have even more specialized equipment too. All of these do serious heavy lifting for your business’s success and the longer they last, the higher your return on investment.

This is why it’s so disheartening to open up a computer case to find a whole litter of dust bunnies clogging up the circuits. What looks like a layer of dirt can be a wallet-threatening disaster!

Let’s take a quick look at just why this dust can be such a problem: Electronics generate heat. It’s why our computers come with fans to help cool them down—because when things get too hot, electronics can short out. Dust acts as a constantly-building insulator that helps keep heat in. Even worse, if it accumulates enough, it can jam those fans, making the heat problem even worse.

Taking the time to regularly dust out your computer with microfiber cloths or canned air is a great way to curb that issue and extend the lifetime of your electronics and other equipment.

How Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Reduces Stress

One of the more intimidating things about the topic of spring cleaning is that it sounds like an event. You must drop everything you’re doing, get your team on board, and spend who knows how many days deep cleaning your facility.

Scheduling your cleaning regularly is a better way to tackle that problem. And if you arrange for a team like a day porter crew or night cleaning crew to do your cleaning for you, you can rest easy knowing that your physical assets and investments are receiving top-quality cleaning care.

At Maintenance One, we understand better than most that cleaning is one of the key ways your business can flourish. When your workspace is clean, productivity goes up. And when you regularly clean your equipment, it lasts longer. If you’re interested in a team that can help you with your spring cleaning needs, request a quote from us today. If you have any questions about how best to protect your equipment through cleaning, please contact us today for a consultation.