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Tips For Choosing A Medical Office Cleaning Company

Tips For Choosing A Medical Office Cleaning Company

Tips For Choosing A Medical Office Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies offer cleaning services to establishments to maintain visual appeal and professionalism. For medical offices, there is a need for a high standard of cleanliness. So, choosing the right cleaning company is crucial. 

Medical cleaning companies are specialized in offering cleaning services to medical establishments. A hygienically clean environment is essential to protect staff and patients from infections. So, medical office cleaners play a significant role in public health. 

Read on to find out things you need to know when choosing a medical office cleaning company.

How Often Should A Medical Office Be Cleaned? 

Medical offices are required by law to uphold a high standard of hygiene. So, they need regular professional cleaning and sanitation. This is because medical offices are more likely to encounter disease-causing agents. Regular sanitation is crucial as it protects staff and patients. It can also break the possible transmission of diseases. 

Here are things to know on how often your medical office should be cleaned:

  • Establish a cleaning schedule that will be adhered to. Daily cleaning at specific times of the day should be included. Deep cleaning can be done daily, weekly, or at a suitable time. This depends on the number of client visits, your budget, and traffic volume. 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing agents used should be the recommended brand and quantity. 
  • Cleaning equipment used should be well-sanitized before reusing. Disposable gloves, face masks, and other tools should be well disposed of after use.
  • Waiting rooms and exam rooms should be deep cleaned regularly. 

The Price of Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical office cleaning prices can cost around 30-50% higher than commercial cleaning prices. Medical areas like the surgical suite or medical lab need deeper cleaning than places like the billing office. So the cleaning price may vary depending on the facility you run. Other factors that can affect price are the facility’s size and frequency of cleaning.

Some cleaning companies charge hourly. The average cost for light cleaning in a small office ranges from $30 to $90 per hour. It could cost more if you require deep cleaning. 

Other companies charge per square foot. Prices range from $0.1 to $0.40 per square foot. It is usually more economical for small facilities to pay per square foot. While bigger facilities can get better value by paying for hourly cleaning.

How To Choose A Medical Office Cleaning Company

When choosing a medical office cleaning company, here are tips to make the right choice:

1. Know All Areas of Your Facility

It’s also best to know areas that need special attention. Make sure to hire a cleaning company that can care for both clinical and non-clinical areas. Clinical areas directly deal with patients, like the labs and exam rooms. While non-clinical areas don’t directly involve patients, like offices. 

2. Determine Your Cleaning Specifications

Know what type of cleaning your facility needs. Medical facilities usually require regular deep cleaning. So, choose a cleaning company that specializes in what you need. 

3. Go for Experience

Choose companies with at least five years of experience. Choosing well-experienced professionals can help maintain the required strict hygienic standard.

4. Do a Thorough Background Research

You need information about the companies you’re considering to make the right choice. Check out reviews, recommendations, and previous places they worked.

5. Set A Budget and A Cleaning Plan

The pricing of medical cleaning companies is higher than the generic counterparts. This is due to the high hygienic standards. A working budget and a tailored plan to suit your needs will help guide you to make a good choice. 

6. Look Out for Companies with Established Cleaning Procedures

The company you choose should have procedures that is guided by official health bodies like the CDC and WHO. Cleaning procedures should be strictly followed. This proves that the company is professional and reliable. It also reduces possible risks and dangers within the facility. 

7. Check for Liability Insurance 

Go for a cleaning company with liability insurance for its workers. This protects you from unnecessary costs when an employee of a cleaning company falls ill. 

Why You Need To Hire Medical Office Cleaners

Medical office cleaners help provide an optimum hygienically clean environment. Proper cleaning by professionals allows you to stick with public health guidelines. 

A good cleaning company can help you adhere to requirements by law. A clean medical office will leave a good impression on clients and show that you are competent. And most importantly, it reduces the risks of disease transmission within the facility.

When To Hire Medical Office Cleaning Company 

The best time to hire a medical office cleaning company is when you open your facility. Medical office cleaning needs skills and in-depth knowledge that only professionals can offer.

As required by law, medical offices should be cleaned often. Contact a professional cleaning company as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Doctor’s Office Cleaning

How Often Should A Medical Office Be Cleaned?

A medical office should be cleaned daily at a particular time. Deep cleaning should also be done regularly.

What Do You Clean In A Medical Office?

Every area of the medical office should be cleaned. Vacuum and mop the floors, empty the trash, and clear out clutter on the desk. Ensure to disinfect every area too. 

What Problems Can Be Experienced During Cleaning?

Problems like working at height and slippery floors can be dangerous to cleaning employees. Sharp and falling objects can create problems and accidents during cleaning. 


Medical office cleaners specialize in offering skilled cleaning services for medical establishments. Due to high cleanliness standards, medical offices need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

This usually incurs higher costs than commercial cleaning services. But proper cleaning must be done to comply with public health requirements. It’s best to choose a well-experienced professional cleaning company for your facility.