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Top 3 Maintenance Myths

Cleanup on Aisle #1, Commercial Cleaning and Cleaning Companies

Cleaning’s one of those things everyone has to do at some point. Whether in your home, your job, or even your commute between the two! We all know how our cars can get without a good pick-up here and there.

But because everyone does cleaning in one way or another, the topic is rife with well-intentioned though misguided behaviors and assumptions. That’s why we’re starting this Myth Cleanup series where we break down some of the most common myths in the cleaning industry and bring an expert magnifying glass to the truths underneath them.

Myth #1: Anybody Can Keep a Workplace Clean

Moving right along with the idea that we all do some cleaning from time to time, it can be easy to think cleaning a workplace involves the same degree of work—just spread out over a team.

But commercial cleaning is about more than just bleaching everything and taking out the trash. There are several techniques and various types of cleaners that can be used for all types of situations—and some methods work better than others for different situations. When it comes to cleaning your facility, you want to make sure you’re following OSHA guidelines to prevent any potential safety and health hazards caused by chemical misuse.

The fact is making sure your whole team is also a trained janitorial squad takes time, training, and money. All workplaces benefit from having a dedicated team who knows how to use the right cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants in the correct manner.

Myth #2: Cleaning Companies Consist of Low-experience, Low-skill Labor

Still in line with this thought that anyone can clean, it can be easy to look down on companies and employees who specialize in it as a source of “low-skill labor.” A common assumption we see is that people believe cleaning companies focus on hiring immigrants or low-wage workers who don’t care about their jobs. And this has them hesitating to hire a team.

The truth is, at least at Maintenance One, we encourage a company culture that embodies positive, personal, and professional development with all our employees. Each undergoes routine background checks and our staff often stay on with us for years. We have 20 crew members who have been diligent and expert workers for over 10 years, and 9 of our crew have been with the company for over 20 years!

When you hire a cleaning company that vets and empowers its employees, you get high-experience, high-skill workers in the cleaning industry.

Myth #3: Hiring a Cleaning Company is a Waste of Money

Meeting at the intersection of the first two myths, a lot of people believe that—since everyone cleans and it’s low-skill—hiring a cleaning company at all is simply a waste of money.

When you demand your workforce spend some of their workday doing something that isn’t their actual job, you create a lot of potential problems. They do less of their own work, and they may make things worse by unintentionally spreading microorganisms—which might lead to more sickness. According to Small Business Trends, unclean offices amounted to more than $2.5 million lost to productivity hiccups.

A clean facility improves focus, increases productivity, and even prolongs the life of the building’s assets. This means happier employees, higher profits, and less overhead for replacements—which means it’s best if you get experts on the case.

When it comes to cleaning myths, Maintenance One has seen them all. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to follow our coming series. If you have any questions right away, please contact us. If your facility is in need of a consultation or a professional janitorial service to start the path toward a cleaner workplace with higher productivity, request a quote with us today.