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3 More Maintenance Myths: Cleanup on Aisle #2, Costs and Caveats of Cleaning Services

Welcome back to our Myth Cleanup series. Last time we talked about Commercial Cleaning and Cleaning Companies and covered a few misconceptions:

  • Everyone can clean just as well as the next person
  • Cleaning companies consist of low-experience, low-skill laborers
  • Cleaning companies are a waste of money

Check out that post if you haven’t already! This month, we wanted to dive into 3 more myths that revolve around cleaning companies in general and what might keep you from hiring the right team for your situation.

Myth #1: All Cleaning Companies Are Created Equal

Once you start looking into hiring a cleaning company for your organization or facility, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the jargon and terminology that’s common to the industry. There are 2 common ways of thinking here: 

  1. It all comes out in the wash no matter who you hire! In fact, too many believe that the cheapest cleaning crew gets the same amount of work done for the lowest price.
  2. On the other side, organizations may rely on the adage You Get What You Pay For and commit to a big investment hoping their money will go the furthest.

The truth is both of these myths are reductive ways of understanding your cleaning crew and your situation. Maintenance One focuses on the quality of your cleanliness while taking into account your unique needs. That way you pay the fairest prices for quality service while avoiding unnecessary add-ons through your customizable plan.

Myth #2: Hiring a Cleaning Service Means More Managing for You

It’s easy to think that, since your the manager, having a janitorial team means another responsibility for you. This could easily take time away from your usual duties, which can mean less overall productivity on your end.

Sometimes this myth has a grain of truth to it. Cleaning companies might essentially lend you their tools and labor, leaving you to direct them at whatever cleaning routine you have in mind. Luckily, when you hire the right cleaning crew, that myth vanishes just like all the others. 

With services like the ones we provide at Maintenance One, it’s never the responsibility of our clients to monitor our teams. We consult with you, determine your cleaning needs, and take it from there. Our upper management fully trains and equips our professional cleaners and performs pop-up building inspections to ensure our standards and yours are being met and exceeded.

Myth #3: Janitorial Services Aren’t Related to Overall Productivity, So It’s an Optional Expense

Too often companies look at employee output as separate from their office environment. This is a result of reviewing employee performance from the sole angle of individuality. They’re your worker, the work they do is dependent on them, therefore fixing them will fix their output.

But your employees are still people living in an environment. And if that environment is cluttered, it may be affecting their performance. It’s certainly affecting their health.

According to Your Training Edge, a clean and uncluttered work environment can help lead to happier and healthier employees. This leads to more time to work, higher levels of motivation, and less time spent out sick.

That means every dollar you spend on a cleaning service may be saving (or even helping generate) more money when it comes to your workforce and their overall productivity.

Any cleaning service can pick things up or wipe things down, but that’s not all you get with every cleaning service. At Maintenance One, we pride ourselves on the service we provide based on a body of expertise that we’ve developed over decades of cleaning.

If you still have questions about cleaning myths or other aspects of the janitorial industry, please contact us. We’ll provide you with the insight and information you need to find the best cleaning company for your needs. If you believe your facility would benefit from a cleaning service, feel free to request a quote with us today.