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How Cleaning Crews Improve Perceptions

As we’ve discussed in many of our other blog posts, maintaining a clean work environment has a number of benefits. This obviously includes the overall health of your workspace due to the reduced risk of contagion and transmission, but there’s more to it than that!

Whether you’re a facility landlord taking care of your business tenants or a manager overseeing an entire crew of employees, ensuring your workplace is clean can also have positive psychological effects as well.

Productivity in a clean environment

Working or interacting in a cluttered or filthy environment places a number of pressures on employees, guests, and customers.

  • The employees have to work around messes and may even need to clean just to be able to perform that work you’ve hired them to do. This limits their productivity and momentum when getting work done.
  • From a guest and customer standpoint, consider the first impression you’re making if they’re entering an unclean environment. This not only casts your reputation into doubt, but it also puts even more pressure on your workers—who are now coming from behind in their interactions with these visitors who already have a bad impression.

Clean environments reduce the physical and mental clutter of everyone who interacts in them. Maintaining that clean environment reduces the chance of bad first impressions and negative experiences.

Perceptions of a clean environment

A clean environment is often an invisible benefit. Clean is considered the norm, and so people remark less on the hard work that goes into a clean workplace compared to a work environment that falls into disarray. 

It’s similar to how we, as people, will often remember the negative over the positive. When everything’s safe and clean, it is easier to go about our other tasks. There’s no stress about our environment impacting us.

So you might ask “why put in all the effort if no one’s going to notice?” This is where having a cleaning crew makes all the difference.

Perceptions of a cleaning crew

When people enter a clean environment, it’s a passive good that can go unnoticed. And, similarly, when people—whether employees, tenants, or guests—see a cleaning crew at work, that is an active benefit. It represents more than cleanliness. It represents your proactive commitment to their safety and wellbeing.

Deep cleaning sessions may be more appropriately conducted after hours, as this kind of heavy sanitization often requires long wet times. But for regular cleaning and maintenance, a day porter crew can assure your employees or tenants that you have their best interests at heart by spending the appropriate time and resources to clean your facility.

This builds one of your most important strengths as a manager: trust.

When your employees or tenants trust you, they aren’t worried about whether or not they can rely on you as a manager or landlord.

Confidence in a clean environment

Establishing this trust is a lot of work if you take it on all by yourself. Luckily, with Maintenance One, you have experts in the field who are available at any time. We’re available to consult with you about your questions and the needs of your facility. Once we have a handle on those needs, we can provide you with services that can help you provide a consistently clean and sanitized environment.