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A Successful Business Is a Clean Business

Many professionals go to college and earn important degrees in order to be able to create and run a successful company, however, those MBA’s and PhD’s forget to teach them some of the basic and simplest secrets to success.

What follows may seem pretty obvious, but it truly is not.

Every successful company’s trademark is a beautiful office, one decorated by professional interior designers and with the footprint of modernity and class all over it.  The rationale behind this powerful investment is that an inviting and interesting ambiance for employees and a professional look for the customers translate into a good image and more sales.

However, there is little or nothing a top-notch office décor can do in the presence of a dirty office.  Many owners and managers forget to think about the cleaning and maintenance of their office, an aspect that is a clear and basic management consideration and one of vital importance.  Office cleaning can mean the difference between skyrocketing or free falling in business.

A company that shows a great interior décor but is dirty and not cared for shows its clients it doesn’t care for detail.  It is clearly just presenting a facade that fools no one, because what this dirt translates into is a lack of concern about long-term results and actions.  Additionally, it is obvious that the personnel working there must be desperate, because no outstanding professional will accept working in an environment that could make him or her sick and where clearly there is no interest in providing quality care for the most valuable asset a business has: its employees.

You certainly don’t want your company to be perceived as careless, dirty and unkempt, even less so in times when every little extra care you put into your business can separate you from the hundreds, if not thousands, who are closing their doors.

One of the reasons why office cleaning is so neglected could be because it is a time consuming and very hard effort, and many professionals don’t even know where to start.  Come on! They got an MBA in Engineering, not in Office Cleaning, and it’s true. This type of cleaning requires specialization; it calls for an expert.

Your best choice for efficient commercial cleaning is to hire professional janitorial services, otherwise, you will have to sacrifice your time doing what you do best, to keep your office impeccably clean.  And we know this won’t happen, right?

In order to select the best cleaning company for your needs, call several services and take them through your office so that they can evaluate what is needed and what they can offer.  Ask them for a detailed estimate, including number of janitors, their specialties, schedules, materials needed, and frequency of cleaning needed to maintain the space sparkling.  Ask for references, trained personnel, and prefer companies that give you ample details.

Even though it may cost you money, think about your image and consider what it is worth.  This could be one of the best or worse decisions of your career, without question!

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