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What is the Quality of the Air in Your Office?

Air quality is something everyone needs to be concerned about.  You have invested in quality janitorial services to keep your office free of dirt, bacteria and toxins.  It is just as important to ensure that the air in the office is clean and toxin free as well.  So, how do you know if the air quality in your office is healthy? Consider these points.

The air quality in a building is a constantly changing thing.  Any efforts to improve or change it have to be made on an ongoing basis and monitored continuously.

Bacteria do not just exist on surfaces, but travel through the air as well.  These bacteria can come from dust mites, animal dander, spilled water or other liquids, as well as poor cleaning habits in general. Inadequate humidity control and poor ventilation can also be contributing factors.

Cleaning products and chemical spills of even the smallest amount can reduce air quality.  Furniture, carpets, wall coverings and office equipment can all give off gases that affect air quality.

Minute particles of airborne pollutants can enter the building from outside and be harmful to the health of workers inside.  Renovation activities such as sanding wood or drywall, painting, and even cleaning can introduce harmful products into the air.

Printing, faxing and copying equipment can release chemicals into the surrounding area.

Excess humidity can create all kinds of air quality related hazards, with mold being at the top of the list.  Even the drain pan in your fridge can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not kept clean and dry.  Likewise, low levels of humidity can create air that is too dry, resulting in various related health issues.

Indoor air quality is achieved by the conditioning of outdoor air that is carried inside through the air conditioning or heating systems.  If these systems are improperly maintained the quality of indoor air will be reduced significantly.

Placement of office furniture and equipment can also have an effect on indoor air quality.  Office partitions and furniture can obstruct air flow as can blocked registers, ultimately resulting in poor indoor air quality.

Cooking odors from inadequate kitchen ventilation can be bothersome and unhealthy.

Maintaining good indoor air quality is not difficult but it does require effort and communication among workers.  The services of a good office cleaning company and good equipment maintenance will go a long way to keeping the air quality where it should be.

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