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Benefits of Keeping Your Office Clean

So, you don’t know why you are not as productive as some of your colleagues and deliver less while working twice as hard?

We recommend you take a look at your desk.  Employees who keep their office desk tidy and who work in a clean environment are much more efficient than those who work surrounded by a mess.

It has been proven that cluttering our lives is a mechanism we subconsciously use to distract our brain from what we want by encouraging procrastination.

If the idea of getting rid of all the clutter on your desk scares you to death, focus on how great it will feel when you are able to be 100% productive and are worthy of a raise or promotion.

The brain requires a clean environment to be able to deal with the abundant tasks that fill your day.  Distractions like accessories or photos are not acceptable.

It is not for nothing that people say you must look at someone’s desk to discover how organized his or her life, in general, really is.  One of the most meaningful ways to show how professional you are is to have a clean desk.

Researchers have discovered that using light colors and a minimalistic office décor lowers stress levels considerably; thus, a clean environment will help you go through the day in a calmer and more controlled way.

Your whole office environment must be tidy, and everyone’s desk should be spotless clean; no food, no empty coffee mugs, and no handbags or briefcases should be left on the desk.  Files have to be filed neatly, and pens, paper clips, pencils, and erasers should have a specific place so that these are not lying all over the desk.

Your goal should be to achieve focus in order to be more productive individually and as a team.  This is so important that it should be one of your top priorities in life, to get organized and to clean up your mess.  Make your environment welcoming and productive by putting a plant on a corner, hanging up a nice picture on the wall, and placing a lively rug at your feet.  Set your computer and phone in ways that make them easily accessible.

It doesn’t take long to organize your office space and to clean your working environment.  Join forces to establish a cleaning day or hire a professional office cleaning service to help you regularly.

Motivate your employees and colleagues by giving an incentive to the cleanest desk of the month; everyone will get into the habit and your office productivity will skyrocket.

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