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How to Create a Natural Office Cleaning Kit

Even when you have janitorial services to take care of things, there are day to day chores around the office that must be completed by staff members to keep things tidy on an ongoing basis.  If you’ve gone to the effort of finding a company that uses environmentally friendly products for the office, you certainly don’t want to undermine those efforts by using harmful chemical cleaners for the in between jobs.  It’s easy to create a small kit of natural cleaning products to keep on hand at the office for handling those little clean ups in a safe and green fashion.  Here are some easy tips on preparing a natural office cleaning kit.

-For bathroom and kitchen cleaning, a box of baking soda is the first ingredient for your kit.  Simply mix baking soda with water until a fairly thick paste forms.  Put a bit on a sponge and use to quickly wipe down sinks, countertops and tiles.

-For windows, glass tabletops or mirrors that need a touch up now and then make a natural glass cleaner by mixing a small squirt of dish detergent and about 3 Tbsp. of vinegar to a couple cups of water.  Put it all in a spritzer bottle and apply as you would a commercial cleaner, using either lint free cloths or squeegee to clean.

-To keep wooden desks, cabinets and credenzas looking spit spot between major cleanings, a natural furniture polish is the answer.  In a small jar, combine a small spoonful of olive oil with about a quarter cup lemon juice. Dab a small soft rag into the mixture and rub into wood surfaces.  This mixture not only works well it smells great too!

-Unfortunately, unpleasant odors sometimes linger around the office.  Cooking, smoking and even sometimes outdoor odors can creep into the office and make the surroundings unpleasant.  Commercial air fresheners can only mask these odors and are can sometimes even be quite toxic. A natural, harmless odor remover can be made and included in your natural office cleaning kit easily and inexpensively.   To a cup of hydrogen peroxide, add ¼ teaspoon of fruity scented dish soap and a tablespoon of baking soda.  This can be sprayed directly into the air but it should not come in contact with furniture or electronics.

-For a handy kitchen cleaner, mix equal parts water and white vinegar and add a tablespoon of lemon juice.  Keep a spray bottle of this mixture handy for quick counter, sink, stovetop and microwave clean ups.

-And last but not least, if there should be a spill on the carpet, a quick and efficient spot cleaner can often save the expense of professional cleaning.  Simply mix equal parts baking soda and salt with a few drops of white vinegar to make a paste. Apply a bit of the paste to the carpet with a soft brush and let it sit until it’s dry, then vacuum.  Be sure to test this method in an inconspicuous spot before using to test that it doesn’t damage the color of the carpet.

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