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CDC Gives Steps and Guidance for Business Reopening

As the pandemic continues to impact the lives of all Americans, we find ourselves seeing the human process of expertise in action: We knew almost nothing in January. We realized the threat was very real and very global by March. And now, in June, we see the national efforts working toward a semblance of normalcy with the reopening of non-essential businesses.

At Maintenance One, it is our job as a quality provider of facility sanitization to remain up-to-date on all things related to the virus that causes COVID-19 to help our clients stay safe. We’re keeping a close eye on the CDC’s website for updates. As we begin reopening, they have released several steps and guidelines to consider.

General Sanitization Tips

As a society, our understanding of the novel coronavirus grows day by day. The CDC currently reports that coronaviruses will die within hours or days when on external surfaces and objects. Warm temperature and sunlight reduces these windows, but it is important to maintain a cleaning regimen of soap and water, disinfectant, and other sanitization chemicals.

The CDC also recommends not overusing your stockpiled disinfectants and other supplies as this can put undue pressure on the market of these products. It’s important to know the appropriate amount of cleaner to use as well as the necessary wet time each requires for maximum effectiveness.

This means that, as an employer, it is critical to implement a consistent cleaning routine and ensure that your cleaning team understands the ins and outs of their tasks, procedures, and cleaners.

Reopening Your Establishment

CDC guidance touches on many checkboxes to keep in mind when reopening your business to the public. First things first: you must have a plan. What kind of environment is your business in? What main surfaces need cleaning? What sort of cleaning is necessary for each? 

You’ll also need to be aware of the social nuances of your particular establishment. Objects such as tables, doorknobs, and keyboards deserve attention, but efforts like sanitizing your sidewalks are more wasteful than useful.

Specifics for Maintenance One Service States (Connecticut, Virginia, New York)

Having a plan is one thing, implementing it is quite another. Maintenance One services 6 regions with quality care and expertise. It’s literally our job to know the best way to clean your facilities in a post-COVID-19 world. Each state has its own particular rules for reopening, and we’ve brushed up on all of them. Here are some basics:

  • New York – Regional reopening with mandatory health screenings
  • Connecticut – Limited reopening with employers providing mandatory PPE
  • Virginia – Limited reopening with recommended self-measurement guidelines
  • All states recommend regular and thorough sanitization of businesses as they reopen

It is important to recognize that we are still in the middle of learning about the novel coronavirus and the widespread impact of COVID-19 as a disease. Things may get better and they may get worse along the way. Make sure you have a plan, that you implement that plan with the proper resources and help, and that you stay safe out there.

At Maintenance One, we’re always happy to help. If you’re interested in having experts who already know the ins and outs of cleaning during the pandemic, contact us here to request a quote.