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Connecticut’s Limited Reopening and How it Affects You

States are reopening as CDC pandemic numbers appear to be slowing. Experts are still collecting data each day, but we’re beginning to find a delicate balance of safety and economic sustainability.

With Connecticut hit as badly as it has been, Governor Lamont initiated a limited reopening as of May 20. If you are a business owner, there is a lot to take into account when deciding on and implementing your reopening plan. It is yet unknown how long these guidelines will be in effect, but at Maintenance One we’re keeping a close eye on any changes to help you keep your establishment clean and your employees safe.

Basic Guidelines

The governor’s administration encourages, wherever possible, that employees still continue to work from home. That said, offices and businesses can open up at 50% of their usual employee and customer capacity. Any service providers visiting on-site must also complete their duties such as shipping and deliveries in designated areas to reduce exposure.

Other requirements include:

  • Employee screening to confirm employees have not experienced COVID-19 or its symptoms and to help with contact tracing
  • Social distancing at the recommend six-foot distance combined with staggered shifts to keep unnecessary contact down between employees
  • All employees AND customers must have appropriate PPE, and employers must provide their workforce and customers with it if they arrive without.

Public Building Guidelines

Governor Lamont’s administration released several documents specifically tailored to organizations during this limited reopening including office and public buildings like healthcare and manufacturing facilities. As always, people’s safety is the number one concern.

First off, you need a plan. Understand what you need for proper sanitization to keep your employees safe, what new procedures will maximize hygienic practices, and how to convey this to your employees. Most importantly, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning before reopening and throughout this period. You may need to reorganize your spaces to accommodate the social distance rules and determine how you will keep community machines like copiers sanitary.

As discussed in another article of ours, we recommend along with the CDC that you attend to high-risk office furniture and devices like cubicles, desks, keyboards, and computers as well as entrances, hallways, and rooms that see regular traffic.

Stepping into the Future with the Experts

You don’t have to do this alone. Getting back to business in a post-COVID-19 market is a big challenge and it will take the combined skills and expertise we as a community have developed over these last several months. 

At Maintenance One, we keep ahead of the curve regarding state-specific procedures and efficient sanitization management so that you don’t have to. Request a proposal today to see which service of ours fits your organization’s needs best.