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Cleaning is Also a Sensual Matter

Commercial cleaning is nowadays one of the services no company can do without. Professional office cleaning has become a matter of providing a service which is indispensable to carry on day to day activities. There is funny thing about cleanliness. When it is properly performed, no one seems to notice it, but when some aspects of cleaning are neglected, and filth becomes obvious, cleanliness, or rather the lack of it, gets under the spotlight.

There are certain aspects about professional office cleaning that cannot be neglected, in order to provide healthy visibility to the matter. Cleaning is also a sensual matter, in the sense that it must appeal to all senses. We can all think about places we have been that, although impeccably clean, they did not strike as a clean place, either because they did not look or smell like a clean, healthy place.

•    Cleanliness strikes through the eyes.
Tidying up is a fundamental aspect of cleanliness. Even though cleaning staff is not expected to file clerical papers, they can also help de-clutter offices just by a more efficient arrangement of objects. If books are lying around, they must be put in shelves, the same as newspapers and magazines in reception areas. Chairs must also be correctly placed in meeting rooms, similarly with ashtrays, glasses, or office items –staplers, pencils- which are left lying around. Waste management is also important. Waste must be disposed of properly and in timely fashion. All elements that can be recycled can be donated to organizations that will greatly appreciate them.
A special note must be made about cleaning items. The wardrobe or small office where cleaning supplies are stored must also remain spotless. If a substitute janitor shows up the next day, he must be able to find all supplies with no difficulty.

•    The ears are also important.
In the case of offices that are cleaned during the day, while the staff is at work, the cleaning staff must be trained to clean causing the least noise pollution as possible. In fact, it would be ideal for them to go unnoticed. Thus, if areas to be polished are not too big, polishing can be done by hand instead of using a noisy machine that will disturb everyone.

•    The smell of health.
Fragrances and deodorants are a double-edged weapon when cleaning offices. They must never be used to mask filth or stale odor. If there is a distinct foul smell when entering an office, the source of such a smell must be sought until discovered. Some clues: wastebaskets not properly sanitized, rotten food in the employees’ fridge, bathrooms.
Scents are a sensitive topic. The room must be left with a soft gentle smell, not too disturbing –remember that fragrances are a very personal matter. While somebody might adore a particular smell, somebody else might loathe it. Nevertheless, scent is an important factor that conveys the idea of a clean place. Thus, a soft deodorant and air perfume must be used.

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