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Secrets to an Efficient Office Cleaning

Cleaning a workplace efficiently is one of the most important aspects to a productive business. A clean and tidy workplace is one of the keys to keeping staff motivated and high-spirited. A clean and sanitized office influences workers to do things in a tidy fashion, keep their paperwork properly filed, and everything running in an organized way.

Another fact that must be considered is the overall image of the company. It is important to show a clean office and reception area when customers’ visits are frequent. It all adds up to the general way customers and providers regard the company, and we know for sure this is a factor that helps close many deals.

Office cleaning must be kept on a daily basis. Whether it is more convenient to do a daytime cleaning or at night is something that must be pondered taking into consideration what type of activity the company runs. Some voices are raised to support daytime cleaning, because it is more environmentally friendly, due to the fact that once the lights are out, and the personnel has gone, there is no need to turn the lights on again to clean the place. However, cleaning when regular staff has gone does not interrupt the normal workflow, and does not distract workers. Probably, the company can save electricity in other ways, such as instructing personnel to turn off their computers before going home, or rationalizing air conditioning.

Efficient office cleaning must not be considered a waste, but an investment. It helps reduce employees’ sick days due to colds and other infectious diseases, allergies, and the effects of pollution. That is why it is important not to conduct a cosmetic cleaning, but rather a thorough deep cleaning. We will highlight some points that must not be overlooked.

•    Carpets are usually the favorite place for microorganisms to proliferate. They need to be vacuumed on a daily basis and deeply cleaned once a month, with the use of ecological products and avoiding chemicals that may be harmful. In this regard, there are certain steam carpet cleaners that do a wonderful job just by applying water steam. High levels of sanitation  are achieved this way because hot steam kills most microorganisms.

•    Telephone mouths and headphones, as well as every mouse and keyboard must be cleaned with a cloth embedded in a soft disinfectant.

•    Books and folders must be removed from shelves and cleaned one by one. Frames (photos, diplomas, etc) must be also wiped with a damp cloth. This is the only way to catch all dust. Just vacuuming them usually takes the filth back to the air, hence to the floor and other objects.

•    Desks must be cleaned also, not just polished, but disinfected as well, especially where clerks usually lay their hands and elbows.

•    An important action that is sometimes forgotten is the disinfection of wastebaskets, as this is bacteria’s favorite place to grow, and also a source of odor.

•    Bathrooms must also be deeply cleaned every day, as they are one of the sources of infections most commonly present in workplaces. Also, cleaning personnel must make sure that all consumable materials are replaced (liquid soap, toilet paper, etc.)

It is unlikely that employees will exclaim every morning, “Boy, is this office clean!”, but rather will complain when they find something filthy, and the same goes for customers. As professional business people, we must make sure that this never happens.

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