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Commercial Cleaning Companies Going Green?

Many commercial cleaning companies over the last 5 years have become increasingly aware of how important it is to clean with environmentally friendly products.  Many commercial cleaning companies, as well as the businesses they work for, have learned the hard way that the excessive use of chemically laden cleaning materials can be unhealthy for the building’s inhabitants, as well as the employees of the cleaning service itself.  Some cleaning companies have even gotten sued by sick employees that developed serious health problems due to the harmful chemicals they were using in their cleaning products.

One of these dangerous substances that has been used in many cleaning products over the years is formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is mainly used in preserving dead bodies, but surprisingly is found in high amounts in many strong commercial cleaning products.  Formaldehyde has been linked to breathing problems, allergies, and even cancer in some cases.  Another age old cleaning substance that has been found to be detrimental to a person’s health is chlorine.  Although chlorine is found in large amounts in swimming pools to fight off bacteria, it is also found in many cleaning products, and has been found to cause respiratory and breathing problems in some people.

One of the worst offenders of potentially dangerous substances found in cleaning products is ammonia.  Ammonia isn’t used in as many cleaning products as it once was, but is prevalent in many disinfectants that commercial cleaners still use.  Ammonia is dangerous because it is both corrosive to the skin, and wreaks havoc on a persons breathing and respiratory systems.  Some forms of ammonia are very strong and can leave a chemical residue on buildings and even human bodies that it comes in contact with.  Too much chemical exposure to ammonia can cause severe skin rashes, skin irritations, headaches, liver damage, heart problems and even birth defects.

Because commercial cleaning companies want their employees, and their customers to be healthy, they are now taking steps to use more eco-friendly products that are much safer and better for the environment.  Eco-friendly commercial cleaning services have developed multiple methods over recent years to clean office premises with safer products that they are finding to not only do a better job, but also in many circumstances are cheaper than traditional cleaning products.  These environmentally conscious products are free of dangerous fumes and are much gentler on the surfaces they clean.

Some of these natural, biodegradable products are not only non-toxic, but are still able to kill as many germs on contact as traditional cleaning products.  Because children and the elderly are especially susceptible to the hazards of chemical exposure due to cleaning products, it is important if you have your business open to children and elderly customers to start thinking about having your company switch over to greener, more natural products.  When contracting a commercial cleaning service for your company, make sure to ask them what natural cleaning products they’re incorporating into their service.

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