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Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart 2022 – 2023

Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart 2022 – 2023

Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart 2022 – 2023

Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart 2022 – 2023

You’ll probably need a commercial cleaning service when cleaning your office or business premises. You hire a company after you get a quotation, so here is the commercial cleaning rate chart for 2022 – 2023. 

A clean workspace not only enhances the overall aesthetic of your business but also provides a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. Whether you represent a new business or are searching for a new cleaning service, it’s crucial to understand the current market pricing comprehensively.

Modern businesses must be clean and sanitary. It protects staff health and impresses customers. Office cleanliness boosts productivity and morale. Knowing the cost of commercial cleaning services will help you present your business in the best light.

We will be discussing the various factors that affect commercial cleaning rates, such as the size of the space, frequency of cleaning, and type of services required. This guide will help you fill in your budget and give you a good idea for 2022-2023 costs.

Factors that Affect Commercial Cleaning Rates

Factors that Affect Commercial Cleaning Rates

Numerous factors influence commercial cleaning rates, including location, building size, the number of floors to be cleaned, and the cost, time, and resources required to clean it.

Mostly it depends on the time required based on the per-hour rate or cost for the full project, and sometimes, it depends on the type of service they require, like deep cleaning or general cleaning. The rates vary from company to company. We have some factors that explain the factors of commercial cleaning rates. 

  • Size and type of facility – it is based on the human resources and resources exhausted on the project, and companies quote according to that. 
  • Frequency of cleaning – it means the number of repetitions they will face while cleaning because one guy will dust other will vacuum, and so on. 
  • Type of cleaning services – different types of cleaning, such as deep cleaning, window washing, or floor waxing, may have different costs.
  • Location – cleaning costs can be higher in more urban areas due to higher labor costs and other expenses.

Average Commercial Cleaning Rates for 2022-2023

The average national cleaning price is affected by the size, type, frequency, and location of the cleaning area. A standard house cleaning will cost between $75 and $150 per visit. Deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and post-construction cleaning are usually priced between $200 and $400. 

Cleaning services are also more expensive in larger cities. A more accurate cost estimate can be obtained from a local cleaning service. We have outlined different commercial cleaning rates below. 

Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square Foot

Total square feet Average cost
0-1,000 per square foot $120
1,000-2,000 per square foot $200
2,000-3,000 per square foot $290
3,000-4,000 per square foot $370
4,000-5,000 per square foot $460
5,000-6,000 per square foot $540
6,000-7,000 per square foot $630
7,000-8,000 per square foot $700
8,000-9,000 per square foot $800
9,000-10,000 per square foot $880


Commercial cleaning rates per square foot are common. The average commercial cleaning rate per square foot ranges from $0.10 to $0.25, depending on size, frequency, required service type, location, cleaning company reputation, and time of day.

These estimates are based on industry averages and can vary greatly depending on the needs of each business and the services provided by the cleaning company. Get quotes from several cleaning companies to get the best deal.

Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Hour

Commercial cleaning hourly rates
National average cost $39/hour
Typical cost range $30-$50/hour
Low-end cost range $25-$28/hour
High-end cost range $75-$90/hour


Hourly cleaning services may provide a free quote after a walkthrough and estimate. Costs and cleaning time may vary after the cleaning job is completed. Commercial cleaners charge between $25 and $90 per hour, with $39 being the average.

Commercial Cleaning Rates for Other Services

Commercial Cleaning Rates for Other Services
Kitchen Appliances $10 – $37 per appliance
Floor Stripping/waxing $0.29 – $0.47 per square foot
Scrubbing Tile Flooring $0.12 – $0.22 per square foot
Floor Buffing $0.06 -$0.13 per square foot
Window Cleaning $4.00–$8.00 per piece
Marble & Terrazzo Refinishing $1.50–$4.00 per square foot
Carpet Shampooing & Extraction $0.08–$0.20 per square foot


The prices listed above are based on comparative research for companies that provide average services; other commercial cleaning companies serve only large corporations on a contract basis, and their services, crew, and professionalism are superior to the average, despite their high costs.

In other commercial cleaning services, common areas in the office, such as hallways, break rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms, are usually cleaned as part of a standard commercial cleaning service. Cleaning is more thorough in frequently used areas than in less used areas or areas with fewer occupants. 

A cubicle-based office will require more time and energy to clean than an open layout. When cleaning requirements and standards are more stringent, specialized equipment or personnel may be required.

Other services can be opted for, but all aspects of the building/space are covered in commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Rates Depending on Type of Business

Commercial Cleaning Rates Depending on Type of Business

Commercial cleaning costs vary greatly depending on the type of business. Location, frequency of cleaning, and special requirements, such as using eco-friendly products or accommodating a disability, are all factors that can affect the cost of commercial cleaning.

Obtain quotes from several commercial cleaning companies to determine the average cost for your company. It depends on the type of commercial space and service the company requires. We’ve listed some states where pricing for commercial cleaning services will be affected.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are home to businesses, non-profits, and even government agencies. Every office building is different, but most have a reception area, private offices, open office spaces, conference rooms, break rooms, and restrooms. 

Standard office building cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and washing windows.

Retail Spaces

Cleaning hard floor surfaces such as tile and linoleum is also included in a comprehensive retail cleaning service. While restaurant layouts differ, most include at least one of the following: a dining area, kitchen, bar, storage rooms, restrooms, and a break room. 

Getting quotes from several different cleaning companies is the best way to find an affordable cleaning service.


Commercial cleaning services for restaurants include cleaning the dishwashing area, removing grease from the range hood, and wiping down the counters and tables where food is prepared. You should obtain estimates from multiple cleaning services to compare prices and quality. 

The average cost to maintain a restaurant can range from $0.15 to $0.50 per square foot per cleaning, depending on its size and frequency. Or it can cost about $20 to $40 per hour.

Medical Facilities

Healthcare facilities/Medical facilities are typically for-profit businesses that provide patients with a wide range of medical services. Facilities can range in size from a single exam room to an entire hospital, from lobbies and cafeterias to operating rooms and patient rooms. 

Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings house various industrial processes, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. These are some of the tasks a commercial cleaning service typically performs during an industrial cleaning. If you require specialized cleaning services, get quotes from several companies to compare prices and quality.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Choosing the right commercial cleaning service to keep your business clean and safe for your employees and customers can be difficult. This implies that not all well-known and large corporations can do a better job because it is a service where people who are dedicated and have the right set of skills, as well as sturdy equipment, can provide better quality and cleanliness.

By following these steps, you can choose a commercial cleaning service that meets your needs and provides quality service at a reasonable price. Research cleaning companies and look for businesses with a good reputation and positive customer feedback. Examine the terms and conditions carefully before signing a contract to ensure that the cleaning company meets your expectations and requirements.

Here are some key factors that every company should consider before hiring a cleaning service. 

  • Experience and reputation.
  • Services offered.
  • Licensing and insurance.
  • Communication and responsiveness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • COVID-19 protocol.

Get a Quote from Maintenance One Today!

Get a Quote from Maintenance One Today!

To summarize, the concept of commercial cleaning rates and how to pick the company that will provide value for money is hard to find. Various commercial cleaning services are available to clean your company’s building or workspace.

Commercial cleaning companies charge different rates due to their human resources, resources, and cutting-edge equipment. Still, when the work is required, it all comes down to the cleanliness and quality of service that the company provides.

Sometimes a well-known company that charges a higher price provides a less satisfactory service than expected. It is better to rely on your research and look for a company that focuses more on the job than the rates. 

Maintenance One is that company. We are a company that understands that first impressions matter. From small business offices to large commercial spaces, our flexible cleaning packages cater to all your needs, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter.

Maintenance One has a team of professionals that look for spots you don’t notice. The team understands the value of time and works in rotations to deliver the perfect clean space that freshens the atmosphere. 

The professionals at work will make your space shine like never before, whether you’re looking for a daily touch-up or a deep clean. So, there is no point in looking for the ‘right company’ when you are already here. 

Call Maintenance One now and book our cleaning crew now so we can give you the atmosphere for maximum productivity. 

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