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A Checklist For Reopening

As vaccinations roll out and the CDC adjusts their guidelines regarding safe practices, there’s a lot happening in the social and business world. That’s why we here at Maintenance One want to break down the top things you should be keeping in mind for the coming months.

Here are the top best practices while reopening:

  • Understand what your business is:
      • Know your maximum capacity
      • Know the allowed capacity by your state and local laws
      • Understand the CDC’s guidelines for your particular business
  • Continue your cleaning routine:
      • Wipe down surfaces like desks and counters
      • Wipe down high traffic surfaces like handles and light switches
      • Especially focus cleaning efforts on touchpoints like elevator buttons
      • Clean off desk equipment like phone receivers and keyboards
      • Wipe down any public items like chained pens and keypads
  • Maintain your facility’s flow:
      • Reduce the amount of trash cans that clutter high-traffic areas
      • Understand your air filtration needs depending on your facility layout
      • Keep windows open if possible and safe
      • Provide hand sanitizer at key places for employees and customers
  • Plan for the future:
    • Reschedule your cleaning routine to keep up with increased business
    • Invest in more masks for customers if you are an indoor facility
    • Consider greater sanitization measures like UV air filtration
    • Hire commercial cleaners to disinfect with an electrostatic Clorox spray

Everyone’s situation is different. Contact us for advice on what practice fit your unique business best or request a quote regarding our cleaning services.

Stay safe and healthy!