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Staying Fit and Safe During Covid

The gym I go to remained open during the pandemic. A lot went into reshaping their routine to make sure visitors could still get activity in.

They pulled machines off the floor, kept hand sanitizer nearby, had members wipe down the equipment after their sets, and they had a regular cleaning process between shifts and at the end of the day.

Recently, as more and more states consider lifting restrictions on business, I noticed my gym was bringing more equipment back out and that they’ve opened their basketball courts.

With the lifted restrictions, it seems businesses are going back to a feeling of normalcy. But I wanted to talk about the importance of shifting to a new normal, rather than the old normal.

Staying Healthy as an Individual

I’ve since had my 2nd does of the vaccine. This means, according to the CDC, that I can engage in a lot more activities that I used to do. And that’s great news for me and anyone else who’s vaccinated.

But in public, I still feel safer wearing a mask, keeping my distance, and wiping things down before and after I use them. We’re not out of the woods yet, and there are plenty of people who are experiencing vaccine hesitancy or are still at risk. It isn’t fair to those at-risk people to make them wonder “is this person not wearing a mask because they’re vaccinated or because they disagree with masks?”

So even though I’m fully vaccinated, I’ll be taking care of myself with those precautions while also keeping others safe.

While we’re transitioning through this vaccination period, I’d encourage anyone who goes to a public place like a gym to find other ways to reduce the spread of any contaminant. These tactics work to lower sickness overall—not just with COVID-19. Here are a few other ways you can keep yourself healthy and keep others safe:

  • Continue wearing a mask at indoor public settings as per CDC guidelines
  • Avoid large gatherings indoors
  • Order for grocery delivery or grocery pickup to reduce contact

Staying Healthy as a Manager

These tips can help inform your management at work as well. While the lifted restrictions allow for more equipment and longer hours, that inherently raises the amount of contact happening in your establishment.

You don’t want to bring in more traffic AND get more lax with your disinfecting. The best way forward is to maintain a diligent cleaning schedule along with the expanded occupancy. That way you keep you and your employees safe during peak shifts with large groups and you provide peace of mind to your visitors and customers even when things are feeling more normal.

If your facility is a place that sees a lot of repeat contact (gyms, stores, and any office with regularly touched surfaces), then there are a few things you can keep doing:

  • Increase the amount of times your staff is cleaning areas (1-4 times per shift to accommodate the increased traffic)
  • Always have your inventory stocked with disinfectant along with readily available hand sanitizer stations for guests
  • Encourage masks and social distancing over the next several months even as states lift restrictions.

The situation is still evolving day by day, and it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the new guidelines for vaccinated individuals while adhering to the old guidelines for those who aren’t or who are still at-risk. But it’s important for you, your business, and your community to remain healthy on a personal level and from a managerial perspective.

If you find yourself getting lost in all the changes, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We can help take stock of your unique situation during this vaccine transition and can offer advice for how to best approach your sanitization routine.

On the other hand, if you’d rather focus on your business and let us take care of your cleaning headache, you can always request a quote. Our experts know how to work around your needs while providing a safe and sanitized environment for your employees and customers.