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Does a Clean Workplace Mean Better Productivity? Absolutely!

Studies show that a clean and organized work space increases and sustains increased employee productivity.  We all feel better in an atmosphere that is relaxed and free of clutter and chaos.  If your company has invested in the services of an office cleaning company then they are doing their part to ensure a clean working environment.  So what can you, as an employee do to help?  Consider taking these actions to help keep your office a place that is conducive to efficient working habits.

o    Keep your desk and work station organized and free of clutter.  Use trays or filing boxes to take care of loose papers and folders.

o    Streamline your processes so you can keep things tidy.  Handle notes, papers and correspondence that cross your desk as soon as you can.  Handle documents only once, putting them straight away into their proper place.  Items that you set aside to look at later seldom get remembered and more often end up being buried under other paperwork.

o    By being organized you will also save tons of time by not having to look for things.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop midway through a task to locate a stapler, paper clip or file folder.

o    Invest in the use of a paper shredder to quickly dispose of paperwork you no longer need and also to reduce the volume of paper waste left behind for the cleaning company to dispose of. It is a standard security feature in a lot of companies anyway, so just make it a personal goal to do it as soon as possible instead of letting the paper pile up.

o    Keep personal belongings out of the way and in their proper place.  It’s hard to move about quickly if you have to be conscious of tripping over a handbag here or a shopping bag there.  Keep that extra sweater on a coat hanger up and out of the way instead of on the back of your chair where they can fall on the floor and get in the way.  Make it a habit to take home items each night that you don’t use every day.  Extra coffee mugs, water bottles and thermos jugs can quickly clutter up a desk and make it difficult to work efficiently.

o    Limit personal items that you bring to work and find a convenient place for things such as plants, pictures and radios so they don’t clutter up your work area.

By just keeping these simple techniques in mind you will be doing your part to contribute to a healthy, happy chaos free workplace.

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