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Know Your Office Kitchen and Boardroom Etiquette

The office kitchen and the boardroom are places that everyone uses.  Your commercial cleaning service may do a nightly cleaning of these rooms but they don’t look after the small personal types of tidying up that need to be done after each and every person uses the space.   There are some simple manners and common courtesies that should be kept in mind by all.  Here are a few to consider.

o    Be considerate.  Everyone is entitled to some space in the fridge and cupboards.  Don’t just cram your lunch into the front spot.  Take the time to arrange your items carefully among others that might already be in there.

o    Identify what belongs to you.  This will help to avoid any misunderstandings in the case of misplaced, discarded or wrongfully eaten food. A half eaten sandwich on a shelf may be something you planned to eat later but another well-meaning colleague might assume it is a leftover from some earlier meeting and toss it away. If it’s yours and you want it, label it so others know!  Likewise, if you come across something unidentified in the fridge, try to find out who it belongs to before deciding to throw it away.

o    Delegate a person in the workplace to be in charge of creating a cleaning schedule for things like dishes etc. that the janitorial services maybe don’t cover or might take care of much later.

o    If your day off or the weekend is approaching, be sure to remove items that belong to you that will spoil during that time.

o    If you drink the last of the coffee in the pot, it is considered polite to make another pot.

o    If you use the microwave to reheat leftovers, be sure to wipe it down if your dish has overflowed or sprayed around the oven.  Spills that are left unattended not only dry hard and become more difficult to remove; they also create an odor for the next person who uses the oven.

o    Crumbs and spills in the kitchen and the boardroom should be swept up as they happen to leave the room neat and tidy for the next person’s use.  Tables and counters should also be wiped down. All empty disposable cups and napkins should be disposed of at the end of meetings.

o    Replace bottled water in the fridge if you use the last of the supply, or arrange to have a new water bottle put on the cooler if you use the last of it.  Likewise, replace the paper cup holder if you use the last one.

These are just a few of the little things that each person can be aware of and do as needed to help make the office a cleaner, healthier place for everyone.

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