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How to Choose Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning stands for cleaning that promotes a healthy environment for people while being eco-friendly.  Green cleaning involves a lot of considerations, like reviewing the cleaning procedures and equipment the cleaning company uses, as well as the cleaning products they employ.

It’s easy to assess if a cleaning business is using the right vacuums and dusters for green cleaning, however, it is not so simple to know if the products they are using are truly green.

Here we give you some tips to help you identify if your office cleaning service is truly working green:

1.    The products they use should be certified by Green Seal, which provides environmental certification standards for green cleaning products based on scientific examination.

2.    The products should not be toxic for humans or animals, and especially marine life.

3.    The products should be biodegradable, meaning they may be disintegrated by microbes.  The longer it takes to disappear, the more harmful it is. The products should have a label stating that they are biodegradable.

4.    Check if the product is concentrated or ready to use.  Ready to use products contain 90% water, meaning more energy and packaging were used to produce them, and extra packaging means extra solid waste.  Concentrated cleaning products use much less water, less packaging, and weigh less, diminishing the cost of fuel needed to transport the product to the stores.

5.    Green cleaning products work perfectly well with cold water.  This saves energy, contrary to products needing hot water, which require much more energy to work well.

6.    Products shouldn’t contain chlorine bleach.  Residue water containing this chemical can cause a toxic reaction when in contact with other chemicals.

7.    Green products are not made with petroleum.  Petroleum is a non-renewable resource, it is flammable, and can be toxic if it is inhaled.  Green cleaning uses products made from pine oil or citrus, which are renewable resources.

8.    Green products do not come in aerosol.  Aerosol bottles are dangerous if they are perforated, because the spray is out of control and can put people at risk of over exposure.

9.    Products should be pH neutral (7.0), which is safer for both the environment and people.  Alkaline or acidic products may burn your skin.

10.    Green cleaning products come in recycled containers.  In many cases, post-consumer materials are used to manufacture the containers and cardboard boxes.

There are many ways to do things, but there is only ONE right way.  If you are truly committed to green living, you should go all the way and ensure you are making the right choices, to the last detail.  Ensure that the office cleaning company you hire is in line with your life philosophy and doing its part to contribute to the health of the planet and its preservation.

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