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Dust Your Way to a Cleaner Office Desk!

A build-up of dust at your office desk isn’t good for your health as it can irritate your respiratory system and also trigger allergies. Worktop electronics such as a PCs or laptops, keyboards, phones and desktop fans are especially notorious for accumulating dust. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep your desk space clean and dust-free.

First get your office desk organized. Having uncluttered and clear spaces on your work desk makes cleaning easier and helps reduce dust build-up. Use a dry duster to wipe your work surface, or if necessary spray a cleaning solution onto a cloth and wipe down. Do this once a week or more if necessary.

With electronics, you’ll have to be careful when dusting as using water or cleaning solutions can cause damage to them. Here are the best ways to clean the following items

PC Monitor: Switch your monitor off. Use a dusting brush or dry cloth to gently wipe your monitor’s surface and screen. If this fails to shift the dirt and dust, use a cleaning fluid specially formulated for use on your type of monitor. You can purchase anti-static solutions and cloths for the purpose of cleaning your screen too.

Keyboard: Turn your computer off and disconnect the keyboard. Gently shake the keyboard while upside down to allow dust and debris to fall between the keys. Use a can of compressed air to blow air between the keys and dislodge further dirt. Then give it another gentle shake. Clean the keys and keyboard with a very small amount of cleaning fluid on a cloth or an alcohol-based wipe – make sure the cloth isn’t wet enough to drip liquid between the keys. Allow the keyboard to dry before connecting it back again.

Desk Fan: It is very important that you unplug your fan or remove batteries before cleaning. Remove the front grille from the back grille (a screwdriver might be needed), and remove the fan blade too if possible. Wash the parts with soap and warm water, or if simpler, wipe clean with a wet cloth and solution. Once completely dry, reassemble.

Phone: First disconnect the phone. Then use an alcohol-based wipe or dry cloth with a little cleaning solution to remove dust. Once again, it is important to make sure you don’t drip any liquid into the phone’s body. You may need a dusting brush to free dirt from the spaces between keys, too.

To keep dust and dirt at bay and increase cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace, hire a good commercial cleaning business to regularly clean your office. By eliminating dust in surrounding areas, your desk will accumulate less dust too. Some good firms even offer services that take particular care of facilities that use computers – cleaning exterior components while protecting equipment at the same time.

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