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Eight Top Hiding Spots for Office Germs!

A recent study found the average office desk contains 20,961 germs per square inch! The worst hot spots for germs? Phones, computer keyboards, and computer mice. If not cleaned regularly, they are a great breeding place for viruses that cause colds and flu. If you want to discover where other germ ‘hot spots’ are, and how to avoid them in your office, read on…

1. The bathroom
Some people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom or dispose of tissues properly. Avoid these germs by having communal bathrooms cleaned hourly – the best way to prevent germs that like to build up (especially on hard-surface areas like sinks).

2. Door handles
A large number of people have direct hand contact with door handles. This gives them a huge contamination potential. Make sure these aren’t left out during your office cleaning-process.

3. Carpeting
Carpets are bombarded with dirt carried in from the outside on our shoes. They should be steam cleaned regularly with an industrial vacuum.

4. Communal coffeepot
This is another hidden way that germs are spread. The unwashed hands of a person carrying a virus can leave bacteria on the coffeepot. The next person who uses it is then likely to contract these germs. Post signs in your kitchen asking colleagues to wash hands regularly and have anti-bacterial soap available.

5. Microwave oven
The buttons on the office microwave are sure to have a lot of people pressing them. If you’re about to eat your food after heating up your lunch, wash your hands immediately after using this machine.

6. Water coolers
The spout and internal mechanisms of these coolers are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. The mouths of plastic bottles being filled are sure to come in contact with the spout too. Have these items cleaned daily.

7. Shared phones and keyboards
It makes sense that these are hot spots for germs since they are constantly being touched. It never hurts to disinfect your keyboard or phone before using them – perhaps with an anti-bacterial wipe.

8. Pens and pencils
A lot of people find it hard not to put pens and pencils in their mouth or chew them. If you’re concerned about this, simply carry your own pens and pencils and don’t leave them lying around to be shared.

The best way to prevent the spread of office germs and viruses is to hire a respectable cleaning firm that has experience with janitorial services. A professional firm provides thorough cubical and workstation cleaning, carpet care, restroom sanitation and janitorial services – allowing your employees to enjoy a clean and healthy work environment and leading to less absenteeism through illness too.

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