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Fabulous Tips to Keep Your Electronics Clean

Keeping your computer and other electronics clean not only helps to control the spread of the germs that can linger there, it also helps prolong the life and health of your electronic equipment.  Computer screens, keyboards, scanners, fax machines and computer towers are all magnets for dust and debris.  Even in a workplace that is kept clean by professional janitorial services, the necessity to keep electronics clean may be entirely up to the individual.  Here are some handy tips to remember to help keep your electronics in tip top shape.

For cordless phones or cell phones, a cotton swab dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol is a good natural stand by.  Just dip the swab in the alcohol and work it into all the little crannies and crevices.  The alcohol kills germs, and dries quickly leaving no residue behind.  A very similar product that can be used in the same fashion is alcohol wipes.  They work under the same principles as the swab but they are a little harder to get into all the tiny crevices.

Tiny crumbs and dirt particles love to hide away inside your keyboard.  Not only can this be unhealthy, it can also cause keys to stop functioning properly.  There are cans of pressurized air that can be purchased that essentially blow this dirt right out of your keyboard.  If you don’t want to pay for canned air, there are other methods to keep your keyboard clean.  A small artists brush can be used to dislodge debris in your keyboard, then simply vacuum with the brush attachment of a regular or small hand held vacuum.  There are small vacuums actually sold for this precise purpose and are small and handy to keep in your desk.

Always remember to use a vacuum to remove dust and hair from around tower fans.  Dirt forgotten here can easily cause your electronics to overheat and prematurely burn out.  Also, wipe down all cables and dust out all plugs and ports.  There are a thousand places where dirt and debris can hide and be overlooked.

Monitor screens should never be cleaned with harsh cleaners or water.  Use a specialty wipe that has been treated with a safe cleaning chemical intended for monitor and lap top screens.

A soft, dry lint free cloth is the best tool to use to clean computer discs, CDs or DVDs.  Just wipe them gently in a circular motion.

It is always best to turn off your equipment before cleaning, and always check the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific maintenance and cleaning suggestions.

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