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Why You Mustn’t Overlook Duct Cleaning

As winter approaches and we start thinking about keeping the workplace nice and toasty, we must not overlook the benefits of having air ducts cleaned and ready for an efficient heating season.  If you have a commercial cleaning contract, you should check with them to see if they offer this service, and if not, ask if they can recommend you to a reputable company.  The good health of employees is paramount to a productive workplace and the most important aspect to consider is the air we breathe.

Here are some important facts to consider before you make a final decision on duct cleaning.

Duct cleaning generally refers to more than just the duct work but also includes all the components of heating and cooling systems including registers, vents, coils, drain pans, humidifiers and housing units for all the systems.  Many of these parts are not visible so it is hard to see dirt, mould and moisture that might be hiding there.

Contaminants that are not cleaned out of the duct work get blown back through the system and float in the air we breathe.  This is not healthy for anyone but people prone to allergies or asthma can suffer a lot from breathing in this polluted air.

If you are uncertain whether a duct cleaning would benefit your office, you can have a pre assessment done to determine the state of your system.  Not all ducts need cleaning if the system has been properly installed and maintained and is running efficiently.

An average duct cleaning will most likely run the company anywhere from $500 to $1000, depending on the size of your office space.  When searching for a company to perform the cleaning, be certain that they are registered with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

There is no EPA certification for duct cleaning as actual health benefits have not been studied and documented.  They will not endorse the cleaning of ducts as a benefit to the air quality of a workspace.  They do however, recommend against having chemicals of any kind added to the heating and cooling systems as part of a duct cleaning process. These chemicals that are supposed to keep your air clean and fresh can actually be very detrimental to good health so it is recommended you refuse this service if the duct cleaning company recommends it.

Whether you decide to have the job done or not, just be sure you are adequately informed on all the pros and cons.  In either case, there are some things you can do to make the air in your workplace healthy.  Change any filters as necessary and be sure they are installed properly.  Vacuum the office often to remove dust particles. By staying on top of the cleanliness game, and hiring professional janitorial services, you will help maintain a greener more efficient office, and save more money too!

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