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Give Us 5 Minutes and Learn to Mop a Floor like a Pro

Mopping the floor is one of those activities that everyone seems to know how to do, but in reality, very few people do correctly.  If you do not employ the right technique to mop, you will be creating a lot more work, and will even be promoting danger, for yourself.

Here we show you the right way to mop a floor, just like professional commercial cleaning services do:

-There are different sizes of mop heads, thus, select a weight that fits your body size.  If the mop is too heavy, you may hurt your back, because you will have to make a greater effort to move quickly and efficiently.

-Fill the mop bucket with 4 gallons of cold water, and add the cleaning product following the manufacturer’s directions.  Always chose a neutral pH floor cleaner to avoid damaging floor finishes.

-Before mopping, sweep or vacuum the floor.  If loose dirt is not removed before you mop, you will spread the soil around the floor when doing it, and this will create a mess.  Remove gum or stickers with a putty knife.

-Locate wet floor signs surrounding the areas you are mopping and their entrances.

-Begin mopping at the farthest corner of the room and move backwards in the direction of the door.  Always keep the mop bucket on the side of the floor that hasn’t been mopped yet and in a place where you won’t trip over it.

-Start the job by mopping along the baseboards to avoid splashing the walls or baseboard with the cleaning product.  Later, fill in the open areas.

-Never push the mop forward and backward, but from side to side forming an eight figure, and overlap each stroke as you move back and forth.  Maintain your back straight as you mop, never twist the spine, or else, you will strain it.  Use your arm muscles, not your back, to move the mop back and forth.

-Turn over the mop and use the other side when one side gets dirty.

-Rinse the mop in clean water and squeeze it to get as much liquid out as possible, but never force the wringer and don’t twist the head, because this will break the fibers.

-Change the water as many times as necessary.

-Once the floor is completely dry, put the wet floor signs away, and rinse out the mop head, the bucket, and the sink.  Store the mop correctly and safely, preferably hanging so that it can dry thoroughly and easily.

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