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The 6 Secrets of Top Office Cleaning Services

The average office cleaning worker normally is in such a hurry to finish the job that he or she sacrifices the quality of the work, or they are constantly struggling to clean everything up.  In the majority of cases this happens because they are not employing the right tools and products to get the job done, those that will do most of the work by themselves.

Here we present you the 6 secrets that top office cleaning services swear by, the ones that help them clean effectively and be the best at what they do, saving them and others precious time and energy:

1.    The secret of time
Lots of cleaning products demand time to work; if they are sprayed and immediately wiped they will not clean or disinfect appropriately.  Cleaning personnel must read the product’s instructions to find out how much time it needs to perform at its full capacity so that it easy for them to remove the dirt or bacteria from the surface.

2.    The secret of knowledge
Many times surfaces and objects don’t get cleaned properly because the cleaning staff is using the wrong chemical for the job.  For example, there are special products to get rid of grease accumulations. These break through the fat tackling the situation from the core, but if the cleaning personnel uses an all-purpose cleaner instead, they will have to work three times harder to get rid of the grease.

3.    The secret of shaking up
In some cases, the dirt is very much adhered to a surface, and in these cases, spraying and wiping is not enough.  The cleaning staff may need to work harder or use better tools to clean more efficiently; this is, to shake up the dirt so that it can be removed easily.  Sometimes, a slow speed floor machine works better than a hand.

4.    The secret of temperature
Some cleaning products require hot water to be effective while others need cold water.  Again, the staff must read the product’s instructions to find out the correct water temperature they should use.

5.    The secret of ventilation
In the case of carpets and floors, ventilation is key to ensure proper drying of the surface.  Without good drying, these surfaces could grow mold and mildew, creating very unhealthy conditions.

6.    The secret of soil removal
There are several cleaning tools that instead of removing soil spread it around, like feather dusters or vacuum cleaners without sealed bags or Hepa filters.  The removal of soil is crucial to clean effectively.

When hiring an office cleaning service, pay attention to the procedures they employ to clean.  Do they use professional tools and equipment?  Do they use the products guided by the labels on them?  If your answer is yes, you have found a cleaning gem, and you can trust it with your office cleaning completely.

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The 6 Secrets of Top Office Cleaning Services