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Going Green at the Office

For most office employees, the office is the place they spend most of their day.  It is important then, to be in an environment that is clean and healthy and one that is achieved that way through environmentally friendly methods.  This means using the best cleaning products and procedures available, such as those provided by a commercial cleaning company.

As individuals, working in an office that is cleaned with environmentally friendly products is one more way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of the chemicals that should not be used in a green office are chlorine bleach, phosphates and heavy metals of any kind.  By avoiding these chemicals in the cleaning process, no toxins are left behind resulting in a healthier and therefore more productive workplace.  Most of the time green office cleaning companies use concentrated cleaners much like the concentrated laundry and dish detergents available for home use.  This means the cleaners are mixed in appropriate amounts for the specific job cutting down on waste and over use of cleaners.  It also means that there is less packaging involved that needs to be disposed of.

Green cleaning products are biodegradable meaning that they break down in a natural process leaving no residues or vapours that linger on surfaces or in the air.  In other words, they have no negative impact on the water and soil systems.  Use of green cleaners also contributes to a healthy air inside the office thus reducing effects of the cleaners on those employees who may suffer from asthma or other respiratory weaknesses.

There is a third party organization called Green Seal that monitors the quality of products that are manufactured and sold as green.  Products that receive the Green Seal of approval have been thoroughly tested from the very beginning of manufacture right through to their use on site.  This means you can use a product with green seal approval with confidence and pride.

For quick green cleanups when you need to do it yourself at the office, you can use a microfiber cloth that will pick up dust from your desk with ease and is reusable.  There are also environmentally friendly one time wipes that will keep your desk, computer screen and office utensils clean and germ free to your own personal level.

Choosing a green office cleaning company means that owners, employees and customers can all feel like they are doing just one thing more to make the world we live and work in a better place.

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