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Office Security Tips

No matter how much trust you have in your office cleaning service, there are still some security procedures all staff should follow on a daily basis.  Theft and loss can happen from persons other than employees or members of the cleaning staff.  A clever thief can organize entrance to the office during cleaning hours when they feel their entry might go unnoticed.  An office can be made more secure for everyone just by taking the time to do these few simple things. Not only will these tasks help to keep work and personal items and information safe and secure, they will also make the job of the janitorial services easier.

One of the essential rules of office security that should be implemented is a clean desk policy.  Employees should leave their desktop organized and clear of files, folders and papers that contain private information, either work related or personal.

Any items of value that are not taken home at night should be locked in desk drawers or cabinets.  If cleaning takes place during the daytime hours, purses and wallets should also be kept under lock and key.

Accidents can happen and things can get broken.  Encourage staff to leave decorative items of sentimental or monetary value at home.

Be sure to also put away items that don’t seem obviously private such as postage stamps, cheque books, rolodex files and even company letterhead.  These can all be used in a fraudulent manner if someone were to set their mind to it.

Lock any petty cash that may be kept in the office in a secure drawer or cabinet.  The location should also be changed from time to time as well.

If laptops are used in the office instead of desk top computers, they should be placed in cabinets that can lock.

Make certain that all computers are password protected and programs closed down before employees leave the premises.

Keep keys to other areas such as storage rooms, file rooms, and even the first aid station in a secure location and set up a sign in and sign out system for their use.

Make certain that all employees are informed of the name of the cleaning service company and the usual time of arrival and departure of cleaning staff, as well as their general procedures.  This way, staff that is working late or coming in to the office during evening hours will know what and who to expect.

For the most part, maintaining office security really just means using common sense.  If in doubt, lock it away.  This way, both employees and cleaning staff will be better able to do their jobs.

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