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How to Confirm that Your Office Cleaning Company is Really Doing a Green Job

There is a lot of value in an office cleaning company that promises and reinforces green cleaning.  However, one thing is promising, and a very different one is actually talking the talk and walking the walk.

Here is a list of the points you have to supervise in order to confirm that your office cleaning services are really green cleaners.  As you will see, the fact that you use commercial cleaning services does not mean you don’t have to keep an eye on the job being done:

1.    Check the office’s entrance
The entrance to an office is the place where most contamination settles, because everyone goes through there.  Office cleaners must be good at containing this pollution immediately, before it gets into the building.  The entrance and mats should be cleaned and vacuumed very frequently.

2.    Check if they reduce airborne particles and chemicals
How exactly do you do this?  It’s very easy. Check if the cleaners are using microfiber cleaning cloths; these trap the dust in the cloth and do not let it disperse, and they also reduce the need to use chemicals for cleaning.  If the cleaners use chemicals, see that they apply it to the cloth instead of spraying it on the surface that is being cleaned; this will ensure the chemicals are contained.

3.    Check if they use the right vacuums
The right vacuums are hepa vacuums, which reduce airborne particles.  The cleaners must empty and clean them frequently to ensure they work well.

4.    Check the products they use
A green office cleaning company will only use green cleaning products, and they will also be knowledgeable about chemical management systems to dilute the products correctly.

5.    Check that they follow the directions on cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
In order to do this, you have to read the directions yourself.  Most disinfectants need time to settle in order to work well, and every cleaner should follow the directions on how to properly and safely use every chemical.

6.    Check that that they use the right mops
These are the microfiber flat type, which grab and get rid of dirt instead of moving it around the place, like normal mops do.

7.    Check that they use effective methods to avoid cross contamination
For example, cleaning cloths organized by color: red to remove dust, yellow for toilets, blue for windows, etc.  They should also categorize mop buckets and handles by color to avoid mixing chemicals.

8.    Check if they use recycled products
Green cleaning services promote the use of recycled paper products on bathrooms and kitchens.

9.    Check if they have green cleaning training programs for their employees
The only way for an office cleaning company to go green is to teach their staff why it is important to be green.

Green cleaning, as much as green living, is not something you can impose on someone. It has to be understood in order to be accepted as a way of life, and a way of cleaning.

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