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The First Step towards a Truly Clean Office: A Safe, Clean and Organized Janitor Closet

A proficiently organized janitor closet is the first step to ensure your office is truly safe and clean.  Why?  Because places with important amounts of human traffic, like hospitals, apartment buildings, hospitals, and office complexes, depend on organized and efficient janitorial services to run smoothly, and this can only be accomplished if the cleaning supplies are in order and adequately stored.

Janitors’ closets are, in many cases, the neglected source of many chemical dangers and accidents.  A janitor closet must have more than enough room to hold all the cleaning equipment and products.  The size of the space will depend on the size of your office and its needs; however, there should be enough room for extra supplies and for the staff to move freely and safely around.

Every janitor closet must have a good place to put the ‘material safety data sheets’ (MSDS). These explain the correct use of every chemical, and the entire cleaning crew should know them by heart and must know where they are in case of an emergency.  In the same way, the cleaning staff must know how to dispose of dangerous products or materials. They should be trained for it, and it is your responsibility, as the hiring company’s owner or representative, to ensure the office cleaning services you hire are professionals in preventing accidents as much as they are for cleaning.

A well-equipped janitor closet must contain:

-The relevant MSDS sheets

-The appropriate labels for all bottles

-A list of emergency phone numbers

-First aid kit

-Extra supplies

-Protective equipment like goggles, gloves, and aprons

-A sink and tap with the right drainage

-Enough room to safely store the equipment and products

No one should neglect the janitor’s closet when checking safety and health aspects at the office.  If there’s room for everything, it is easier to store it and keep it clean, organized, and safe, and it is also easier to deal with an emergency in case there is one.

Janitor’ closets are a priority on the lists of health and safety inspectors.  They check that these comply with every health and safety regulation, like the MSDS sheets, the storage capability, type of ventilation, and proper work area for the staff.  Your company can save lots of money and prevent serious emergencies by complying with these simple guidelines.

But maybe the most important thing is that all the office cleaning personnel receive the right training and that they know where everything is in the janitor’s closet.  They must respect your company’s policies and standards as well as reinforce the good habits and safety procedures your business abides by.

The janitor’s closet may be the smallest room in your office’s building; however, it is most certainly not the least important.

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