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How to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized?

How to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

How to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized?

There are several benefits to having a clean and organized office. Many researchers have discovered that a clean and organized workspace often leads to more productivity, less stress, and increased employee confidence. Additionally, it gives an excellent impression to visitors and potential clients. 

However, despite its apparent benefits, many workers or companies still need help to keep a clean and organized space. With a hectic schedule, it can be easy to slip into a disorganized state, which reduces productivity and increases already high-stress levels. Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck in this vicious cycle; this article will show you how to keep your workspace clean.

How to Organize Your Workspace

Organizing your workspace doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple techniques you can quickly put into practice to reduce clutter, increase focus, and generally save time while working. Some of them include the following:

Adjust Your Office Layout

The location of things in the workplace is as crucial as the things in it. To get the best result, you must pay attention to how well-placed your desk, cabinets, and essential tools are. Experts advise that you:


  • Locate your desk near a window, increasing focus and productivity.
  • Keep your most important and frequently used tools closer to you for easier access.
  • Get rolling furniture (rolling chairs, cabinets, desks, shelves, etc.), so moving can be easier and faster.
  • Keep a portable trash can close by so you can immediately throw away unnecessary materials; this would prevent clutter.
  • Add a few personal items to your desk to feel comfortable, but be careful that they don’t become too much.

Storing Your Supplies

Another thing that adds to workplace stress and reduces productivity is storing materials and accessing them. A good storage system will help you find what you need faster, while an inefficient one will frustrate you. Some tips for practical storage include:


  • Use holders like cups and silver trays to store pens, pencils, and other small office supplies.
  • Label containers and bins so you quickly know what they are storing.
  • Remove visual clutter by storing cables in cord holders, shredding unnecessary documents, and arranging papers into paper trays and wall pockets.
  • Throw away useless materials to create space.

Professional Cleaning Tips for New Business Owners

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, and it is only fitting that you don’t let an unclean and disorderly workspace get in the way of productivity. Here are some tips for new business owners:

Clean Office Floor Regularly 

Floors are essential as they are where the business stands. An untidy floor will often lead to a bad image and a corresponding revenue drop. If you’re just open for business, take care of your floors. If the floor is carpeted, then vacuum regularly to keep them looking fresh.

Take Out the Trash as Often as Possible

Nothing can be more disgusting and contaminating than an overflowing trash can. Breeding contaminants can lead to mass employee infection, which is terrible for your business. To make it easier, you can put trash bags in the bottom of bins to make taking them out easier.

Clean, Regularly Touched Surfaces Often

Desks, doorknobs, light switches, refrigerators, and microwave doors, are some frequently touched surfaces that you should pay attention to when cleaning. They are more prone to infection and should be given special care.

Clean all Electronics

Many businesses ignore wiping down electronics, but like frequently touched surfaces, they are prone to infection and should also be given attention. Keyboards, screens, and projector remotes are moisture-sensitive surfaces prone to infection, so you want to be careful.

Residential Cleaning vs. Commercial Office Cleaning: Should You Hire an Expert?

Many confuse the terms- residential and commercial cleaning, wrongly assuming that residential and commercial cleaners work similarly. While there are some similarities, they are wholly different.

As the name implies, residential cleaning specializes in cleaning areas where people live. It is very detail-oriented and often involves more contact with the client while the work is being done. Residential cleaners will clean every surface, including floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning refers to cleaning office spaces such as stores, factories, and other business outlets. Commercial cleaners also do a thorough job but must be careful about interacting with all surfaces. This caution is essential if they want to avoid destroying or misplacing critical office equipment. Also, commercial cleaners rarely interact with clients as they primarily work outside office hours.

When cleaning your office, you are best hiring expert commercial cleaners as they are more adept at cleaning office space while guaranteeing your office remains as organized as possible.

How to Hire a Commercial Office Cleaning Company

With so many commercial cleaning companies advertising as the best possible solution to your office cleaning problems, you might need clarification about the best way to get a good cleaning company. Fortunately, there are certain things you can look out for when hiring a commercial cleaning company:


  • Ask around before hiring a company. Avoid hiring impulsively, as this might lead to regrets. Trusted colleagues in the business, friends, and families who have had similar problems are good sources of information.
  • All reputable companies will have online reviews. Ensure you read as many reviews as possible to understand the company’s work ethic.
  • Choose experience over glamor. Look for the company’s expertise in dealing with the specific problem you want to address.
  • Ask about the company’s safety measures to ensure that they are not using harmful chemicals that would harm your employee’s health.
  • Finally, ensure you get a quote from the company to know that their services are within your budget.


Keeping your office clean and organized is a daunting task with many benefits. It would increase productivity and keep your workers safe and happy. You can get this done by arranging your office layout and storing things properly. Also, hire an efficient commercial cleaning service like Maintenance One, as they can often make your office space free from contaminants and unnecessary clutter.