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Should I Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Hire a Professional Office Cleaner?

Should I Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Hire a Professional Office Cleaner

Should I Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Hire a Professional Office Cleaner?

Placing carpets in office spaces has several benefits. Carpets reduce workplace hazards as they are less likely to be slippery or cause an accident, and they also improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency while reducing noise levels.


But despite these benefits, office carpets also come with their challenges. They are more likely to absorb dust and dirt and can be a breeding site for triggers that cause respiratory discomfort. You can ensure that carpets are not the cause of too many problems by cleaning them. But should you hire a carpet cleaner or go all out and hire a professional office cleaner? Let’s find out.

How Does Carpet Cleaner Rental Work?

Carpet cleaners are machines designed to remove deeply embedded dirt and stains from carpets. To ensure that the devices do a great job, the operators often pretreat the carpet, allowing it to soak (or dwell) for at least fifteen minutes before running the machine across the carpet. The carpet cleaner pumps water into the carpet and extracts the dirty fluid back with a high-powered vacuum.


Carpet cleaners do an excellent job of cleaning carpets, but they can get pretty expensive depending on where you are getting them; some brands can go for as high as $600. Many businesses choose to rent out carpet cleaners.


However, note that when you rent out a carpet cleaner, you pay for the renting of the machine; in some cases, you even pay for the detergent used. But if you don’t intend to do the cleaning yourself, you will have to hire a professional carpet cleaning service where you get both machine and operator at an agreed time. 


Another thing to note about renting carpet cleaners is that eventually, buying one becomes cheaper. If the initial cost of a cleaner is $250 while renting is $50. After five years, you would have spent the same amount and still need a carpet cleaner.

Cost of Carpet Cleaner Rental in Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Many carpet cleaner rentals typically cost about $0.20 to $0.40 per square, while others charge a flat rate of $75 to $250 per room. A room with a width of about a thousand square inches could cost nearly $300, which is still less than what some carpet cleaners will cost to buy. However, this cost usually comes with an operator who would do the cleaning and other additional services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning Services

As the names imply, commercial carpet cleaning is more concerned with cleaning office spaces, while residential cleaning services provide professional cleaning to homeowners or households with carpets installed. The significant difference between both times of cleaning services is the sheer volume of the work involved and the general attitude to both cleaning service types.


Many homeowners rarely hire professional cleaners when contemplating cleaning their carpets. Residential homes are usually smaller and do not require much expertise; most homeowners prefer to do it themselves. The cleaners used are also easier to handle than those used in commercial carpet cleaning.


On the other hand, commercial spaces are more extensive and require more time and expertise to clean; hence, most business owners are more likely to hire professionals. Commercial carpet cleaning services use large cleaning units and heavy-duty equipment and tools while working, which is unnecessary in residential cleaning.


Another difference is in the time of cleaning. Most residential carpet cleaning occurs during the day as the homeowners are more likely to be at work and suffer less disruption. Since work often takes place during the day in offices, commercial cleaning services carry out their activities at night to avoid hampering the office’s work.

Rent-A-Carpet Cleaner or Hire Professional Cleaning Company: Key Considerations

Cleaning carpets is a great way to keep pollutants and other deep dirt away from them. With different options, many wonder whether to go out, hire a machine, and do the job themselves. Or do they need a professional cleaner? Here are some key considerations when making a decision:


Hiring a carpet cleaner and cleaning your carpet yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional. With professional cleaning services, you’re not just paying for the machine; you are also paying an operator to do the cleaning job. However, the price differences are slight.


When it comes to the quality of the cleaned carpet, professional cleaners do a far better job no matter how handy you are around the house. The professional cleaner is better trained for the job and has access to equipment and products you are likely unfamiliar with.

Ease of Process

Just hiring the machine still leaves you with the burden of cleaning the entire household, and while cleaning carpets is not back-breaking work, it can get slightly stressful as the process. Hiring professional cleaners relieves you of this duty and frees up your time for other activities.

Time Saving and Scheduling

One of the reasons many are hesitant about hiring professional cleaners is the schedule conflicts that often ensue. While professional cleaners prioritize prompt service, you will still have to work out a schedule with them. However, the process of renting, cleaning, and returning the machine is even more time-consuming and stressful.


Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Using professional cleaning services is the ideal choice as they bring a lot of advantages to the job. Here are just a few:

Professional Tools

Professional cleaning services invest in more efficient equipment and products that do better cleaning. Their workers have also undergone training to know the best way to do the job.

Customized Services

Professional cleaning services are very flexible at their job and are willing to accommodate your preferred cleaning tastes. They can even carry out their services in a way that causes the least disruption to your routine.

Saving Time and Money

Professional cleaners save you the time you would have spent rounding around, hiring and covering every inch of your carpeted floors. They also save you money as you can keep up extra work which brings in extra income.

Reduces Stress

Using professional cleaning services will reduce the stress of going to the rental shop and back, not counting the stress of cleaning the carpets yourself. Plus, they will carry out the activity at your convenience.

How to Compare the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Stamford, Connecticut

There are many carpet cleaning services, but how can you best from the vast options available? Here are some ways to get the best cleaning services:


  • All quotes should be for the same general plan. For example, how much is each company for a square inch?
  • Ask about the supplies they plan to use and determine if these products are environmentally friendly.
  • Notice how clearly and efficiently each company communicates, as this shows transparency. 
  • Be specific about what you want and observe how the companies understand and are willing to adapt to your needs.
  • If possible, investigate the role of technology in the company’s process. A more technologically adept company will be more efficient.


Carpets are a normal part of most building floors and usually require cleaning. Many people settle for renting a carpet cleaner and doing the job themselves, but there are benefits to hiring Maintenance One professional cleaning service. They save time and reduce stress, bring expertise to the job, and can do it with little disruption. You can use the tips in the article to compare companies and get the best service possible.

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