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Office Cleaning And Clutter Reduction

It really is true that a clean office is a more productive office. Think about all of those times that you have wasted valuable time searching for an important paper, only to discover that it was buried underneath stacks of papers on your desk.  Many creative people insist that a little clutter helps them function better, and while this may or may not be the case, the fact is that if you have stacks and stacks of clutter everywhere, it will slow down your productivity sooner or later.

Office cleaning and clutter reduction may take time, but in the long run it will be worth it. Start small, maybe with the stack of papers nearest your elbow, and go through each one, filing, shredding, and throwing away when appropriate.  If you don’t have a file cabinet at your desk, use file folders and label them, storing them in a hanging folder or in another neat, out of the way place.

Once your desk is clear, take the time to use a spray cleaner and sanitize it.  Office desks are among the germiest surfaces in the workplace, and this isn’t surprising when you think about how many objects your hands come into contact with in the course of a day. Your office building probably has janitors and other maintenance professionals who are responsible for keeping the office clean, but to reduce germs and help prevent the spread of illness, you should sanitize your desk and the items on it whenever possible, using an all-purpose cleaner.

Even if it takes you a few days to completely wade through the clutter and thoroughly clean your desk, you will find that in the long run the results will be well worth it. Just remember, a little maintenance goes a long way.