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There May Be More Than a Computer Virus on Your Desk!

Creating a healthy workplace environment is no easy task and the regular use of a commercial cleaning service helps to ensure that the job gets done right.  With the threat of disease in everyone’s mind these days, keeping our offices, desks and work stations free of germs is paramount to providing a healthy productive workplace.  There are more than just computer viruses at work in our offices every day and both types must be eradicated.

A commercial cleaning service will generally do a great job at keeping common areas sanitized but it is more up to the individual to keep their own desks, phones, cabinets and equipment as clean as possible.  Studies have shown that a typical desk can sometimes contain more bacteria than a toilet seat.  Viruses can survive for quite a length of time even on a hard surface so communal equipment is another area to watch out for.  Things like fax machines, copiers, water coolers, etc. where everyone spends some time should always be wiped down.

Remember, some people come to work when they’re not really well and that’s when the germs are most dangerous. Your cleaning service will most likely clean these items as part of their regular tasks, but a little extra care can go a long way in between those cleanings. Fortunately, it’s an easy dilemma to solve. A quick wipe down with anti bacterial cloths will go a long way and when done on a daily basis, it is all they really need.

These days many people are working longer hours which can extend work hours into eating times, contributing even more to the chances of food particle bacteria being present.

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in some types of bacteria on a desk or in a work area is the accumulation of crumbs and food particles in and around the keyboard that sits on everyone’s desk just acting as a perfect little catch-all. Mould and bacteria can grow quickly in those little cracks not to mention inside the drawers where you stash your snacks.  Even a simple coffee spill left unattended can develop into a little ecosystem of bacteria all on its own.

It’s quite easy to control this type of bacteria from getting a grip inside your workspace.  Use a napkin to catch crumbs from snacks, don’t keep opened packages of food in your desk, and wipe down your area when you’re finished eating with an anti bacterial cloth.  The cleaner you keep your own personal space, the cleaner the whole office will be in the end.

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