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Once a Year Cleaning Jobs

Spring cleaning isn’t just something that homeowners need to do.  Oftentimes businesses have cleaning jobs that need only be done once or twice a year as well.  If you have a commercial cleaning company taking care of your place of business, consider asking them if they will also do this type of maintenance.  Deep cleaning jobs might include such things as steam cleaning of carpets, washing down of walls, thorough dusting of ceilings and rafters as well as complete window cleanings. Here are a few things to consider depending on the type of business you have.

A retail business should consider a deep cleaning of the premises prior to their main busy season.  This could mean at the beginning of summer, or perhaps just prior to Christmas.  You want your customers to really be able to focus on your merchandise, not cobwebs in the rafters or smears on the windows.

Similarly, a business that is fairly quiet during the winter months will want to get things spruced up before the busy summer season.  Anything that attracts tourists or the public in general should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your customers or clients begin to arrive.  Some examples might be farmer’s markets, boarding kennels, tourist’s attractions and outdoor party facilities.  A thorough cleaning of some of these places might be too large for an individual and by outsourcing the job to a commercial cleaning company, you will be better able to focus on plans for the busy season ahead.

Even some offices such as medical buildings have different volumes of traffic through the doors at different times of the year and a deep cleaning of the carpets, furniture, doors and windows should be considered accordingly.  Although your staff and cleaning company can often handle a day to day cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, they still require a more thorough job at least once a year.  This should include taking all appliances apart and cleaning shelves, drawers, stove elements and components, as well as a thoroughly cleaning of cupboards and pantries where any food is stored.

A larger job that should also be considered for a healthy work environment is a thorough cleaning of heating and air conditioning ducts.  There are specific companies that provide this service and if your cleaning company doesn’t, they should be able to direct you to a reputable company.  Breathing healthy air is important to everyone and the reduction of work related health issues is of the utmost importance to business owners, staff, clients and customers alike.

If you own a business of any kind be sure to consider a commercial cleaning company for some of these large jobs that should not be neglected.

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