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Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services.

Different types of commercial cleaning

Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services.


Commercial entities often vary from one context to the other. Most times, such variations determine the type of commercial cleaning services suitable for the current needs of any organization. Whether you are the owner or manager of a commercial property, a better understanding in this regard will enable you to engage the best cleaning companies for a fair deal. 


One thing that is worth noting here is that commercial cleaning services are not meant for big companies only.


Irrespective of the size of your establishment, hiring professional commercial cleaners in Stamford, CT will save your employees’ time while maintaining a clean workplace. Moreover, a workplace that is constantly clean will always make a positive impression on potential clients, customers, and partners. 


After going through this page, you may want to end your search for the best commercial services near me. Yes, Maintenance One can help you with affordable cleaning solutions depending on your preferred frequency. 


Now let’s look at the core types. 

1. Commercial Green Cleaning;

For environmentally-conscious businesses, commercial green cleaning services seem to be the best option. Based on the experience of people who have used it before, green cleaning has many unique benefits worth exploring. 


First and foremost, it’s necessary to clarify what is green cleaning. 


There are numerous definitions for it, but green cleaning in this context is the process of using cleaning products that are made of non-toxic ingredients.


This refers to the use of products void of chlorine, artificial fragrance, and color. The other thing worth mentioning is that green cleaning products don’t have harmful chemicals. And that’s what makes it uniquely attractive for environmental and workplace safety considerations. 


Sadly, many people ignore the health implications of the cleaning products they use.


Some of these products with toxic chemicals can have negative effects on employee morale and even leave bad impressions on potential customers. 


Green products are as reliable and cost-friendly as traditional cleaning products while using substances that are mild for the organization. 


Interestingly, these products are known for helping to prevent health issues that arise from the use of strong chemicals.


Green products can be gotten from different sources. These sources include baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and other products that have non-volatile organic compounds that won’t release harmful gasses.

2. Carpet Cleaning;


Carpet Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from carpets. Whether you are hiring professional carpet cleaners or doing the work by yourself, there are different ways to get it done. 


That being said, let’s look at the three methods of cleaning carpets.

  • Steaming: This can also be called the  “Hot water method”. Here, heated water is mixed with detergent. Poured on the carpet and then the dirt is extracted using machines.
  • Dry-Cleaning: This involves using specialized low moisture machines.
  • Vacuum Cleaning: Here, the wash head is used to spray water on the carpet without the addition of detergent.


Commercial carpet cleaning is not a task that office workers could perform with enough efficiency and effectiveness. That’s the essence of hiring professional carpet cleaning companies in Stamford, CT. 


In most cases, these companies will have a team of trained and experienced professional cleaners. Besides, they invest in special-purpose cleaning equipment to do the job faster and better than average employees. 

3. Glass Cleaning:

Glass cleaning is another type of commercial cleaning. 


In this context, expert cleaners give their best to ensure your glasses maintain their sparkling outlook. 


The item of major concern for this type of cleaning is the window. However, some cleaning companies extend the service by cleaning glass doors and other related surfaces on commercial property. 


This would typically cover all kinds of buildings including restaurants, hotels, retail storefront windows, multi-story buildings, and hotels. 


This commercial cleaning service can be done with vinegar solution without detergents to avoid cracks.


Though most companies have the best equipment and tools to get the job of glass cleaning done.


However, it’s not a task that can be performed by all companies especially when cleaning skyscrapers or tall buildings with numerous windows are involved. 


Indeed, this is a specialized service and needs a professional to handle as there are many underlying risks of cleaning glasses.


If you are thinking about the best commercial glass cleaning company near me, you can get in touch with Maintenance One to help you get the work done within your current budget and preferred schedule. 

4. Emergency Commercial Cleaning:

This type of commercial cleaning service is required during emergencies like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.


Imagine reporting to work to see that flood has soaked your office?


That is an eyesore to behold! However, something can be done. When this happens, getting your office back to normalcy seems to be a top priority for most companies. 


This type of commercial cleaning service can also be engaged when an organization moves to a new site or acquires a new building.

5. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

One way to break free from foodborne diseases is to maintain a high level of hygiene in the kitchen or any space that deals with food preparation.


This is why most catering organizations, hospitals, schools, and even some organizations are in dire need of commercial kitchen cleaners to handle their kitchens professionally.


These cleaners make sure that the kitchen environment is clean and safe from germs and viruses to avoid food contamination.


Such a service is better than getting your staff to do the cleaning before resuming work which may reduce their working hours. This is simply because the kitchen environment is prone to germs and bacteria due to some foods like raw fish, meat, fruit vegetables, and other types of foods. 


Among the different types of commercial cleaning services, kitchen cleaning demands more attention than others.

6. Industrial Cleaning Services 

This can also be called a post-construction cleaning service. Where damaged pipes, dirt, and waste need to be trashed or get rid of, the cleaners are always needed on the site. 


They usually make use of heavy standard machines capable of cleaning up any dangerous waste materials left behind on construction sites.


Factories and manufacturing industries with large warehouses are always in need of this type of commercial service.


This is simply because of the several works that are being performed on the site. Cleaners here are specially groomed to master the nitty-gritty of handling that heavy equipment.


Regardless of the industry, these are the most common commercial cleaning services you’ll find in any location. As noted earlier, the uniqueness of your company will determine the type of commercial cleaning services suitable for your current needs. Besides the provision of affordable cleaning solutions, we can help you determine the cleaning frequency that will suit your type of commercial property. 


If you are running a multi-location business, it will be better to find a single company that provides some of these services in a customized package. With that option, you’ll be able to save some money instead of working with multiple companies. For commercial real estate companies, working with a single dependable cleaning company is also better.